1140 illegal mobile phones were seized at Habur Customs Gate

Cell phones were seized at the habur gumruk door
Cell phones were seized at the habur gumruk door

During the operations carried out at the Habur Customs Gate by the Customs Enforcement teams of the Ministry of Commerce, a total of 3 mobile phones were seized from 1140 trucks and a car, which were searched as suspicious.

As a result of the risk analysis carried out by the personnel of the Habur Customs Enforcement Smuggling and Intelligence Directorate, three trucks coming from Iraq to Turkey were considered risky. All of the trucks that came with a few days' intervals were followed up from the moment they entered the customs area and directed to x-ray scanning.

As a result of the X-ray scan, suspicious density was found at the wheel junction points of the trucks, which are called axles. Thereupon, the vehicles were taken to the search hangar and the tires of the trucks were removed in order to reach the areas where suspicious density was detected.

When the tires were removed, it was seen that three of the wheel joints of the truck trailers were closed with welding. When the closed areas were opened, a total of 1010 mobile phones were seized from three trucks in specially created secret compartments.

On the other hand, in addition to the trucks in question, a car with a foreign license plate was included in the risk analysis of the Customs Enforcement teams. Suspicious density was detected in the section where the engine of the car, which was sent to the X-ray device, was located. In order to reach this section by the Customs Enforcement teams, the metal plate next to the engine block of the car was cut. In the secret compartment created here, 130 mobile phones were seized.

As a result of the devoted work of the Customs Enforcement teams, a total of 3 mobile phones with a market value of approximately 500 million 1140 thousand liras, which were found in the secret compartments of the vehicles, and the vehicles used in the transportation of these phones were seized.

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