overhaul of the freight car

350 FALS Type Freight Cars Revision Work Tender Result

Tender of 17.07.2020 FALS Type Freight Wagon Revision Work Tender No 2020/358748 held on 350 has been concluded. 4 companies participated in the tender. The offers of the companies participating in the tender are as follows: Moskino 9,870,000,00 TL RAYVAG 16,604,000,00 Acarlar 17,850,000,00 RC Industry 26,057,500 TL [more…]

Officer will be hired in the city tcdd

TCDD Will Recruit Civil Servants in 8 Cities

TCDD will recruit civil servants in 8 cities. Candidates will not be interviewed during the purchase with KPSS score. The appointments of the candidates in the purchases to be made without an interview will be shaped according to their KPSS scores. TCDD will purchase to various units in 8 provinces in total. [more…]

with hyperloop government support
1 America

Hyperloop will spread to the USA with state support

The new generation rail / pressure high-speed transportation service developed by Elon Musk's Hyperloop company is now ready to receive government support in the USA. Hyperloop government support New generation fast transportation infrastructure published by the US Department of Transportation [more…]

adnan meander bridge security elevators
41 Kocaeli

Security Measure for Adnan Menderes Bridge Elevator

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality is building Pişmaniyeciler Square in the center of the city for Pismaniye, which is the symbol of Izmit. Next to the square built in the area found by the old fishermen, the elevator on the Adnan Menderes pedestrian bridge's community center, the work to be done in the area [more…]

deed of the Treaty of Lausanne turkey republic
35 Izmir

The Treaty of Lausanne is the Land of the Republic of Turkey

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality celebrated the 97th anniversary of the Lausanne Peace Treaty with a series of events from film screening to exhibition opening. Attending the events as the deputy of Izmir Metropolitan Municipality Mayor Tunç Soyer, Prof. Dr. Suat Caglayan, "The Treaty of Lausanne, the Republic of Turkey [more…]

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