Ankara transportation master plan will be updated
06 Ankara

Ankara Transportation Master Plan will be Updated

It was decided to re-update the Ankara Transportation Master Plan prepared and completed by Gazi University in 2013, which has not been approved so far. The new update decision is that Sincan, Çayyolu, Keçiören subways and Başkentray were not put into operation at that time and [more…]

new parking garage for izmire
35 Izmir

New Parking Lot for 332 Vehicles in İzmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality intervenes in areas with traffic density and parking problems in the city. Opening an alternative connection road from Yeşildere Street to Vezirağa region, the Metropolitan, adjacent to the shopping center in Gaziemir, has a parking lot for 332 cars. [more…]

egiadin foreign trade attack continues
35 Izmir

EGİADForeign Trade Attack Continues

60% of its members are from the industry, agriculture and service sectors, especially textile, food, machinery, construction, automotive, electrical-electronics, iron-steel, in its portfolio, which has partnerships, foreign trade and similar cooperations with abroad. [more…]