China Launches Campaign to Find Name for Tianwen-1 Mars Exploration Vehicle

genie tianwen launches campaign to find name for mars scout
genie tianwen launches campaign to find name for mars scout

With the successful launch of the Tianwen-1 Mars exploration vehicle yesterday, China started its Mars exploration journey. The China National Space Administration Lunar Exploration and Space Project Center launched a worldwide name-finding campaign for the country's first Mars rover exploration vehicle in Wenchang, Hainan province.

During the name proposal phase, which will last until August 12, citizens can enter the official site that has been established and submit their suggestions or send them to the authorized office by mail. Tianwen-1, which undertook China's first Mars exploration mission, was successfully placed in the predicted orbit yesterday with the Changzheng-5 (Long March) rocket.

10 of the candidate names gathered around the world will be selected by the jury, then these names will be presented to the people's vote, and the name will be announced after the permission of the relevant institution is obtained.

On the other hand, China; It cooperates actively with countries and organizations such as France, Austria, Argentina and the European Space Agency (ESA). According to information from the French Embassy in Beijing, France and China are collaborating on issues such as the surface determination of the Tianwen-1 Mars exploration vehicle. The French team will coordinate with China to find a suitable landing site for the landing patrol. The Chinese National Space Administration has always attached great importance to space cooperation with other countries. On the Chang'e-4 Months exploration mission, China cooperated with Germany, Sweden, Russia and ESA.

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