unye port receives hazardous material compliance certificate
52 Army

Ünye Port Receives Dangerous Goods Conformity Certificate

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality continues its works within the scope of Ünye Port Development Project, which will provide convenience at the point of export to the Black Sea countries and Turkic Republics. In this sense, the Metropolitan Municipality received the Dangerous Goods Compliance Certificate to increase the load variety of Ünye Port. [more…]

Sightseeing Tours Started
55 Samsun

Sightseeing Tours Started

Sightseeing tours were started on Samsunum-1, Samsunum-2 and Samsunum-3 ships belonging to Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, whose voyages were stopped within the scope of coronavirus measures. Samsunum-1 located on the Coastal Road, Samsunum-2 serving in Ayvacık, and Samsunum-3 in Vezirköprü district, social distance due to the pandemic [more…]

Mask Awareness in Traffic Lights
54 Sakarya

Mask Awareness in Traffic Lights

Metropolitan Municipality Traffic Branch Directorate teams continue their remarkable works in the new normalization period. It was aimed to raise awareness by placing the slogan 'Put on a Mask' on traffic lights in various places where vehicle and pedestrian density is high. Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality Road [more…]

Aselsan rises among the giants
06 Ankara

ASELSAN Rises Among Giants

ASELSAN, Fortune Turkey announced the 500 results of the Fortune 2008 Turkey Research listing carried out since the first in Fortune Turkey in 500 among the defense companies 500 list and is Turkey's largest 2019 companies. Seven on the list [more…]

Turasas were discussed at the meeting on stso.
58 Sivas

TÜRASAŞ was discussed at the meeting led by STSO

Sivas Chamber of Commerce and Industry (STSO) under the leadership of Eskişehir Eskişehir Chamber of Commerce and Industry Chamber Rail Turkey with the participation of Sakarya Chamber of Commerce and Industry System Utilities Industry Co., Ltd. (TÜRASAŞ) video conference was held to evaluate the establishment. Video [more…]

maintenance time for cars

Maintenance Time for Cars

Motul is expanding its product portfolio in the automotive sector with the new Car Care series. The auto care and cleaning products in the Car Care range were developed based on Motul's many years of experience and expertise. For vehicle interior and exterior [more…]

Izmir Otogari turns into the main transfer center
35 Izmir

İzmir Bus Terminal Turns into Main Transfer Center

İzmir Metropolitan Municipality pressed the button to transform the existing Bus Station in Bornova Işıkkent into the Main Transfer Center. The first evaluation process started in the architectural project competition, which was held in two stages. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality, metro and high speed train in the near future [more…]

civil servant and retirement salary increases

Civil Servant and Retirement Salary Increase Rates!

With the inflation data announced today, the inflation difference hike, which will be reflected on the salaries of millions of civil servants and retirees, has also been announced. In line with the collective agreement applied to civil servants in the first half of this year, a 4 percent increase in salaries was made. Civil servants inflation [more…]

June inflation rate announced

June Inflation Rate Announced!

In Turkey, the CPI (2003 = 100) percent compared to the previous month, in June 2020, 1,13, of the previous year compared to December of 5,75 percent, the previous year's same month percent compared to 12,62 and on the twelve months moving averages [more…]

domestic car with ships counting guns
16 Bursa

Gemlikli Local Automobile is Now Counting Days

Bursa, the world leader for many years was known as Turkey's Detroit auto brands, but Gemlikl will add another value to the domestic automobile city. It is now at the stage of determining the groundbreaking day for the domestic car, which will be produced electric with today's technology. Here ... Industry and Technology to discuss these developments [more…]

world bank approves loan for bursa high speed train project
16 Bursa

World Bank Approves Credit For Bursa High Speed ​​Train Project

We announced the progress… On May 27, 2020, we shared the hope that emerged on the way to reach the high-speed train that Bursa has been waiting for for years. That report found that TCDD ... but "is full of Turkey's foreign line of credit" loans due after the Treasury's approval, the project is transferred to the Ministry of Transport Infrastructure Investments [more…]