2020 World Mountain Bike Marathon Championship Launch Ceremony Held

World mountain bike marathon championship launching ceremony was held
World mountain bike marathon championship launching ceremony was held

📩 25/07/2020 13:12

Presidency at the launch ceremony of the 2020 World Mountain Bike Marathon Championship SözcüProf. Dr. İbrahim Kalın said, “Master Necip Fazıl said, 'You were very crawling on your face, stand up Sakarya'. We see that the Sakarians stood up everywhere. It is very appropriate for our Sakarya to host the giant bicycle organization because Sakarya green is the most suitable city for this organization with its nature. ” President Ekrem Yüce thanked everyone who did not support their support for the Championship on behalf of Sakarians.

The launch ceremony of the 2020 World Mountain Bike Marathon Championship, which will be hosted by the Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality under the auspices of the Presidency, was held in the Sunflower Bicycle Valley. Presidential ceremony Sözcüs Ibrahim Kalin, the Governor Çetin Mayor Oktay sidewalk Metropolitan Ekrem, as the Almighty as the AK Party deputy Kenan Sofuoglu, Turkey Cycling Federation President Erol Küçükbakırc and Vice President Airports, Chairman Irfan Steel Ankara Sakarya Foundation, district mayors, NGO representatives, provincial directors, press members, guests from politics, sports and arts community and many audience attended. While the launching ceremony, where the giant organization was held between 23-25 ​​October, was broadcast live from many national and local channels, private shows and shows gave the audience a magnificent evening.

He mentioned praise of the last champion Sakarya

French Thomas Allier, the last World Mountain Bike Marathon Champion who appeared on the stage and greeted the audience, said, “It will be a very good race. The best preparations I have seen have been made. I liked the city of Sakarya. Let it be a good race ”. Salcano Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality cycling team staff consisting of national athletes such as Onur Turgut, Serkan Balkan, Zeki Kaygisiz, Onur Balkan, Emre Yavuz, Halil İbrahim Doğan and Mustafa Sayar were introduced to the audience at the launch ceremony.

City of cities Sakarya

President Ekrem Yüce, thanking all the guests who came to the 2020 UCI World Mountain Bike Marathon Championship launch ceremony, said, “Our Sakarya is a city where people from all nationalities and cultures live together. I call here the city of the cities. People from Bosnian, Circassian, Laz, Turkish, Albanian, Kurdish and many more nations live here in unity. Now, the championship, which is one of the most respected organizations in the world that suits our city's Sakarya, will take place in our city this year. We will host athletes, teams, press members, sports fans and bike lovers from all over the world in our city. We will show the hospitality of Sakarya inherited from our ancestors to the whole world ”.

All shades of green in Sakarya

Expressing that Sakarya is an advantageous city in many respects, President Yüce said, “We have every shade of green. We have a climate suitable for nursery, landscape crops and ornamental plants. Our agricultural land is very productive. Our plains are possible. Acarlar Longozu, one of the few natural wonders of the world, is located in our city. We have sea, lakes, rivers, highlands and many natural beauties that I cannot count. Our commercial and industrial production capacity is very high. We are at the center of both historical and modern trade networks. ”

We will maximize our sports potential

Expressing that they are working to achieve the activities that will maximize the sports potential of the city, Mayor Yüce said, “We offer technical equipment, training hall and field facilities to amateur sports clubs and athletes engaged in individual sports. As Metropolitan Municipality Sports Club, we operate with 24 different athletes in 2 different branches. We build bike paths that will span almost all of our city. Especially the first stage of our giant cycling path, starting from the Sunflower Bicycle Valley and ending on the shores of Sapanca, was completed. We are waiting for the approval of our ministry for the second and third stages. I hope we will complete those stages very quickly as soon as confirmation arrives. ”

We are candidates for a bike-friendly city

Stating that they have taken steps towards becoming a 'Bicycle Friendly' city, Yüce said, “We are continuing our preparations for the bicycle festival that will develop bicycle tourism within the scope of the Black Sea Cross-Border Cooperation Program. We made our application for the title of "Bicycle Friendly City" in only 12 cities in the world. Our Sakarya will soon become one of the “Bicycle Friendly Cities” of the world. I would like to thank our dear nurses who showed us all kinds of favor in achieving all these developments. I would like to express my gratitude on behalf of the Sakarians to everyone who is one of the most respected organizations in the world, especially our President Mr. Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and Mr. İbrahim Kalın, who did not withhold their support for the 23 World Mountain Bike Marathon Championship that will be held on October 25-2020. ”

Giant organization will contribute to the promotion of our country

Küçükbakırc of Turkey Cycling Federation President Erol, "will take place in October, we are here today to promote World Mountain Bike Marathon Championships. As a federation, we always support such organizations. Such organizations contribute to the promotion of our city and our country. Our Mayor of Sakarya Metropolitan Municipality supports active life. Mobile life means health and economy. It is a city for bicycle lovers in Sakarya. In our country, cycling is becoming a sports organization, where interest is increasing every day. I would like to thank everyone who attended. ”

World champions will come out from Sakarya

Governor Çetin Oktay Pavement, “Our Sakarya is an important sports city, a branded sports city, we have been very successful not only in team sports but also in individual sports, we have achieved international successes, raised brand values, an important sports city. If the world how markalaşıy Turkey, if the evolving nature of our Sakarya, with peace, with the industry, the brand with the agriculture, growing, growing and exemplary in many areas, which constitutes a city. This city is truly a paradise on earth with its natural beauties, rivers, blue, green and four seasons of tourism and natural opportunities. It is one of the cities that has a very important geographical location and has very strong logistic facilities. Hopefully, it will reflect all these strengths to sports infrastructure, and this will be a brand city that raises important athletes both with team sports and individual sports with its many sports infrastructures, as in the valley we are in. I hope many successful athletes will come from here, world champions will come out. ”

The most suitable city for the organization is Sakarya

The Presidency started its words by thanking everyone who attended the ceremony. SözcüProf. Dr. İbrahim Kalın said, “Our Sakarya is a city with many beauties. I am sure that this organization will be done in the best way. In his poem, Master Necip Fazıl Sakarya had said, 'You have a lot of face-to-face, stand up Sakarya'. We see that the Sakarians stood up everywhere. For this reason, it is very convenient for our Sakarya to host this giant bicycle organization because Sakarya is the most suitable city for this organization with its agriculture, green and nature. Turkey and the sports complex will be built in Sakarya is an indicator that captures the world will be made in the future to host such huge organization. On this occasion, I express my gratitude to all Sakarians for their interest in cycling. With this interest and support of you, such giant organizations will be held more in our country. May my Lord be our assistant. ”

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