73 Local Firms Bid for 4 Bus Purchase Tenders of Mersin Metropolitan

domestic company bid for the bus tender of Mersin
domestic company bid for the bus tender of Mersin

Envelopes were opened in 73 natural gas bus procurement tender that Mersin Metropolitan Municipality opened to both relieve public transportation and reduce fuel costs.

In the tender specifications, the firms to bid were required to be domestic or domestic partnerships. 4 domestic companies submitted proposals to the tender commission under the chairmanship of the Metropolitan Municipality Transportation Department President Ersan Topçuoğlu. Bid envelopes were opened with the participation of company representatives who submitted bids and the documents in the application files were checked.

Otokar Oto, Karsan Oto, Anadolu Isuzu and BMC Oto made bids for the tender. The first stage of the tender was completed after the presentation of the royalty and the approximate cost determined by the administration. The Tender Commission will examine the offers of the companies in detail and will determine which company will purchase 73 buses.

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