Works on Cumhuriyet Boulevard Completed
26 Eskisehir

Works Completed at Cumhuriyet Boulevard

Eskişehir Metropolitan Municipality, which arranged a new intersection at the intersection of Hicri Sezen Boulevard, Cumhuriyet Boulevard and Vatan Street last summer, completed the works it started last week and turned the road into a three-lane intersection with the newly created pockets. City center [more…]

Yildirim cilo operation started in Hakkari
30 Hakkari

Yıldırım-2 Cilo Operation Started in Hakkari

Yesterday, the Ministry of Interior launched Operation Yıldırım-2 Cilo in Hakkari in order to completely remove the separatist terrorist organization from the agenda of the country and neutralize the terrorists who are considered to be in the region. In charge of Hakkari Provincial Gendarmerie Command in the operation; Gendarmerie Commando, Gendarmerie Special Operations [more…]

Hyundai shared the drawings of the new elantra n line
82 Korea (South)

Hyundai Shared New Elantra N Line Drawings

The N Department, which is Hyundai's performance arm, did not stand idle again and prepared a brand new model for car enthusiasts. Hyundai, which brings a new breath to the sedans preferred by families, and the sporty N Line in the popular Elantra model. [more…]

genie launched a new commercial telecommunication satellite
86 China

China Launches New Commercial Telecommunications Satellite

China was able to launch a commercial telecommunications satellite called APSTAR-6D from its Xichang satellite firing ramp center and set it on its predicted trajectory. APSTAR-3D satellite (at Beijing time) was dispatched to space in 20.11 with a Long Walk-3D carrier missile, reportedly from the firing center. [more…]

tender bult

RayHaber 20.07.2020 Tender Bulletin

Tramline Construction Work Consultancy Service Purchase Similar News:RayHaber 03.01.2020 Bidding BulletinRayHaber 06.01.2020 Bidding BulletinRayHaber 07.01.2020 Bidding BulletinRayHaber 08.01.2020 Bidding BulletinRayHaber 09.01.2020 Bidding BulletinRayHaber 10.01.2020 Bidding BulletinRayHaber 13.01.2020 Bidding BulletinRayHaber 14.01.2020 Bidding BulletinRayHaber 22.01.2020 Tender [more…]

concrete mixture design service from thbb to your building
34 Istanbul

Special Concrete Mix Design Service for Your Building from THBB

In our country, which is in the third position in ready-mixed concrete production in the world and first in Europe, efforts are continuing to increase the quality of ready-mixed concrete. Starting in November 2019 to serve Turkey Ready Mixed Concrete Association of Concrete Research, Development and Technology Advisory Center, [more…]

ankara big city started to produce its own asphalt
06 Ankara

Ankara Metropolitan Started To Produce Its Own Asphalt

The savings practices initiated by Metropolitan Mayor Mansur Yavaş in all units are increasing day by day. Proje Organizasyon İnşaat Doğalgaz İç ve Dış Ticaret Sanayi Anonim Şirketi (PORTAŞ) affiliated to the Metropolitan Municipality has also started to produce its own asphalt. Per hour [more…]

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