New History of Rail Industry Show 02-04 December 2020

New supports in agriculture sector increase exports
New supports in agriculture sector increase exports

With the beginning of the normalization process, the new history of the Rail Industry Show Railway Industry Infrastructure and Technologies Fair, which was delayed due to Covid-19 measures, became clear.

Railway, Infrastructure and Technologies Fair, Rail Industry Show; It was announced that it will be held between 02-04 December 2020, especially by repeating the participation support of Metro Companies and public transportation companies.

Modern Moris Revah Fair General Manager, said in a statement on the issue, '' With the start of the new normal process in Turkey, was born the new requirements for public transport by rail network. At the point of meeting the technological innovations and ongoing investment needs in this field, Rail Industry Show 2020 will be a very important opportunity in terms of new business connections.

Organizer Modern Fuarcılık A.Ş. is legally obliged to take any precautions determined by our state in terms of Occupational Health and Safety and it will be absolutely necessary.

On the other hand, trade fairs in Turkey, TOBB (Union of Chambers and Commodity Exchanges of Turkey) empowerment is carried out with the permission and supervision basis. So, despite everything, it is forbidden to organize a fair in our country as in May and June 2020. This causes Force Majeure.

In case of such a situation, the responsibility of all parties is reduced and all the payments made are refunded in accordance with the relevant articles of the fair organization and participation agreements, which are the same all over the world. ''

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