Minister Institution Examined Ayder Plateau

minister institution made examinations on ayder plateau
minister institution made examinations on ayder plateau

Environment and Urbanization Minister Murat Kurum made investigations in Ayder Plateau in Çamlıhemşin district of the world famous Rize.

The institution told reporters that they are working to protect natural resources and cultural structures and transfer them to future generations, and said that they have invested 18 billion liras in Rize in the last 20 years.

Turkey Ayder highland known first as the Authority stating that, "the world will be like, we are carrying out a project that will benefit our citizens. Last year we realized the demolition of illegal buildings and swings. We have made this place a public area with the consent of everyone, not making any of our citizens victimized. We will use it for festivals and festivities. It will be protected with its natural beauty. We will not allow building in this area. It will be passed on to future generations as an area where memories are kept alive for many years. ” said.

The institution also underlined that work is undertaken to improve the streets in Ayder and that the rain water channel, pavement and all lighting will be renewed.

Expressing that they will complete the first phase of the project with an investment value of approximately 50 million liras at the end of June and open it to the service of citizens, the Institution said that an infrastructure worthy of a plateau kazanstated that they will.

The institution stated that there will be a viewing terrace on the plateau, and that the tender for the construction of the old thermal hotel was carried out and that it will be opened next year.

Noting that they aim to solve the parking problem in Ayder, the Authority made the following assessment:

“We are building a closed parking lot for 1750 vehicles at the entrance of Ayder. The structure will not be seen completely under the ground, above the ground. Our citizens will benefit from the facilities with rings from there. Natural beauty will be preserved. Hopefully we will complete the construction of the project next year and open it to the service of our citizens. In addition, we will build 55 units of apartments suitable for local architecture. We will start a voluntary transformation process by meeting with citizens. With their consent and will, we will volunteer on the spot. We will be quickly completing the second stage next year. When the projects are finished, Ayder will be a much more livable plateau than today. ”

The institution said that wastewater treatment plants in Ayder will be completed by the end of the year.


Pointing out that the investments are continuing throughout Rize, the Authority stated that they will make urban transformation in an area of ​​2,28 hectares and that the municipal blocks will be evacuated in September at the request of the shopkeepers.

Underlining that the cost of the transformation project is around 900 million liras, the Authority said, “It is an example of the region. We also transform every part of Turkey. We no longer want to seek the lives of our citizens under the wreckage, floods, landslides. At this point we are determined. We will make this transformation with our citizen. ” he spoke.

Recalling that they have created reserves for areas at risk of demolition in the city center, the institution said, “With TOKİ, we will be doing the project consisting of 450 residences and 80 shops in the first place. The price of this project is around 850 million liras. ” used the expression.

Stating that 50 percent of the transformation has been completed in Hemşin district, the Institution emphasized that they are conducting housing works in the center of Rize, in Yağtaş and Salarha, they are planning 1500 houses in Yağtaş and the tender of 450 houses will be held this month in the first place.

The institution said that within the scope of the transformations in the field of industry, they were tendering 302 workplaces in the industrial site in the city.

Emphasizing that they have sent the Black Sea Climate Change Action Plan to the governorships and municipalities, the work continued within this scope and said:

“We found that 611 buildings in the Black Sea are at risk of flooding. This is an important number. In this framework, scientists have the prediction that our citizens may be flooded in any flood. We continue the expropriation and moving processes of these buildings. We have identified four immovable properties. We started the building removal process by obtaining the consent of our citizens. ”

The institution added that 4 National Gardens will be built in Rize, and that the center in Rize will be built on an area of ​​393 thousand square meters.


The Minister of Environment and Urbanization, Murat Kurum, stated that the image formed in the Golden Horn leaks inside and said, “We are investigating the cause of the pollution in the current region in cooperation with our universities. We will act according to the results. ” said.

During the investigations of the institution in Rize, a journalist said, "Has there been a color change at sea in Haliç, will you be working on this?" On the question, he said that environmental investments are continuing.

The Minister said, “At this point, you make an environmental investment, the population increases over the years, the building in the region increases, you need to make additional investments. Of course, the images in the Golden Horn spoil all of us. ” he spoke.

Pointing out that President Recep Tayip Erdoğan realized a very important project in the Golden Horn during the Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality, the Authority said, “With the project, the 'garbage and mud' in the Golden Horn can be 'walked, not walked' by discharging it to an area in Gaziosmanpaşa. called the Golden Horn, made it possible to walk around and sit. The images we see at this point are deplorable. ” said.

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