Istanbul Izmir Highway Toll and Route Map

Istanbul Izmir highway toll and route map
Istanbul Izmir highway toll and route map

Istanbul and Izmir Motorway Toll Route Map: The bride in the more recent one of Turkey's most important highway project. Marmara and Aegean will be closer now. The final 9-kilometer section of the Motorway, which reduced the distance between Istanbul and Izmir from 3 hours to 192 and a half hours, was opened by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Work on the giant project started in 2010. Geographical obstacles were overcome by bridges, tunnels and viaducts. Built for years with the most advanced engineering, the highway is now complete. Approximately 8 thousand 500 kilometers distance between Istanbul and Izmir 384 kilometersreduced to. Between the Istanbul and Izmir 3,5 hours to reduce the highway The total cost is 11 billion TL.

İstanbul Gebze Orhangazi İzmir Highway

Gebze - Orhangazi - İzmir Motorway (Including Izmit Bay Crossing and Connection Roads) Build - Operate - Transfer Project 384 km Highway and 42 km Connection path total 426 km long.

istanbul izmir highway map
istanbul izmir highway map

The project is located at the 2,5 km. After crossing the Yalova - Izmit State Highway through the Interchange Bridge, it runs parallel to Orhangazi - Bursa State Road.

After the Orhangazi junction, the route passes through Gemlik and connects to the Bursa Motorway at Ovaakça. The West Side of the Bursa Motorway, which is part of the project, crosses the Bursa West Junction Bridge Interchange by drawing an arc from the north of Bursa to the west of the city.

Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir (Including Izmit Gulf Crossing and Connection Roads) Motorway, following the Bursa West Junction, following the north of Uluabat Lake, heading south-west starting from Karacabey, from Savatepe to the north of Susurluk and from Soma-Kirkagac-Akhisar. -Saruhanlı-Turgutlu districts passing through the vicinity of İzmir-Ankara State Road and ends at the current bus station junction on the İzmir Ring Road.

Cost of Izmir Istanbul Motorway

Ankara, Edirne, Istanbul and Izmir-Aydin highway, İzmir-Çeşme, Turkey's economy combine to form the backbone of Marmara and Aegean regions will be connected with a fully controlled access highway network. Istanbul, Kocaeli, Yalova, Bursa, Balikesir, Manisa and Izmir, where one third of the population of our country lives, and the traffic between industrial, commercial and touristic purposes will become more comfortable and safe. The distance of the entire highway from the current state road to 95 km. The feasibility studies have calculated that the current transportation time of 8 hours will be reduced to 3,5 hours. Total investment amount of the motorway,25 TL. is

By car pass the gulf using the current path 1 hours 20 minutes, while ferry crossing 45 ~ 60 minutes; Bay crossing (12 km) with Osmangazi Bridge was reduced to 6 min.

Istanbul Izmir Highway Toll How Much?

Bursa West Junction between Bursa North Junction (97 km.) And Balıkesir West Junction Akhisar Junction (86 km.) Fees will be charged.  Gebze - Orhangazi - İzmir (Including İzmit Bay Crossing and Connection Roads) For Highway 2020 Transition Fee Table CLICK HERE (Valid as of 01 January at 00:00.)

İstanbul İzmir Motorway Toll Calculator link

Contribution of the Project 3.5 Billion TL

President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan today opened the Istanbul-Izmir highway. President Erdoğan, who opened the second stage of 192 Km, explained the cost of the Istanbul-Izmir highway in figures. Erdogan said that the cost reached $ 11 billion, said the highway was given to companies with the build-operate-transfer model for the 22 year 4 month period.

With the completion of the 192 Km road of the Istanbul-Izmir highway, Erdogan emphasized that the travel time between Istanbul and Izmir was reduced to 3,5 hours. İzmir Aydın and İzmir Çeşme motorway. Where, where ık We did not cross the mountains easily. But we became Ferhat, Ferhat said, d We have pierced the mountains. In addition to making the trip between Istanbul and Izmir fast comfortable, Erdoğan also mentioned the shortage of 100 kilometers and stated that his contribution to the government is 3,5 billion dollars.

Istanbul Izmir Highway Contract Information

The project includes the procurement, design, construction, operation, maintenance, repair, and maintenance of the Motorway in Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir (including Izmit Bay Crossing and Connection Roads) in accordance with the Contract. One of the liabilities and commitments consists of the transfer of the works to the Administration, which is well maintained, operational, usable and free of charge.

Project Model: Build-Operate-Transfer
Total Investment Amount of the Project: 10.051.882.674 is TL.
Tender Notice: April 07 2008
Tender Date: April 09 2009
Date of contract: September 27, 2010

The tender for the Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir (including Izmit Gulf Crossing and Connection Roads) Motorway Project was made on 9 April 2009 and 22 year 4 month bid given by Nurol-Özaltın-Makyol-Astaldi-Yüksel-Göçay Joint Venture (construction + operation) ) the best offer.

Company in charge: Gebze-Orhangazi-İzmir (Including Izmit Gulf Crossing and Connection Roads) Motorway with Build-Operate-Transfer Model Construction, operation and transfer work to realize the work of Nurol-Özaltın-Makyol-Astaldi-Yüksel-Göçay Joint Venture by the partners 20 Was established in Ankara in September 2010.

Contracts of Istanbul İzmir Motorway Contract

Administration: general Directorate of Highways
Company in charge: Otoyol Investment and Management Inc.
Contract Effective Date: March 15, 2013
Contract Period: The 22 Year is the 4 Month (Construction + Operation) from the date of entry into force of the Implementing Contract.
Contract end date:  July 15, 2035
Build Time: The 7 Year is from the date of entry into force of the Implementing Contract.
Works Completion Date: March 15, 2020
Traffic Guarantees: In the project, 4 is a separate cut traffic guarantee. These segments and traffic guarantees;
I xnumx.kes: Gebze - Equivalent to 40.000 Cars for Orhangazi / Day,
I xnumx.kes: Orhangazi - 35.000 Cars equivalent to Bursa (Ovaakca Junction) / Day,
I xnumx.kes: Bursa (Karacabey Junction) - Balikesir / Edremit for the separation of 17.000 Cars equivalent / Day, and
I xnumx.kes: (Balıkesir - Edremit) distinction - 23.000 Automobile equivalent for İzmir is / Day.

Construction Firms That Build Istanbul Izmir Highway


HIGHWAY CUT KM: 8 * 411 - 194213 (MAKYOL-GÖÇAY)
HIGHWAY CUT KM: 344350 - 434296 (NUROL)
MOTORWAY CUT KM: 491076 - 584300 (MAKYOL)


MOTORWAY CUT KM: 1044535 - 1614300 (GÖÇAY)
HIGHWAY CUT KM: 1634300 - 2241300 (ASTALDI)
HIGHWAY CUT KM: 2244300 - 3174284 (NUROL) J
HIGHWAY CUT KM: 3174450 - 3174284 (ÖZALTIN-MAKYOL)
HIGHWAY CUT KM: 3634450 - 408 * 654.59 (ÖZALTIN)

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