When will Internet Cafes and Play Station Halls Open? That Date

When will internet cafes and play station rooms open?
When will internet cafes and play station rooms open?

The Ministry of Interior sent a circular about "Internet Cafes, Halls and Electronic Game Places" to 81 Provincial Governorships. In the circular, from the moment the COVID-19 outbreak was seen, the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the Coronavirus Scientific Committee, our President Mr. In line with the instructions of Recep Tayyip Erdogan, it was reminded that many measures were taken and implemented in order to manage the risk of the epidemic / contamination in terms of public health and public order, to ensure social isolation, to protect the safe distance and to control the rate of spread.

In the period of controlled social life; It has been stated that the ministries are determined by the relevant Ministries in line with the recommendations of the Coronavirus Scientific Board, as well as the cleaning, mask and distance conditions, which are the basic principles to be followed in combating the epidemic, as well as the measures / rules to be taken for each activity, line of business or place. In this context, it was noted that the Internet cafes / saloons and electronic games places decided to cease their activities as of March 17, were determined by the Coronavirus Scientific Board, depending on the conditions under which they could operate in a controlled social life period and reported to our Ministry.

In line with the negotiations with the relevant Ministries and public institutions and organizations, and the instructions of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan, internet cafes / salons and electronic games places, legislative provisions that allow their activities (Regulation on Opening and Working Licenses for Workplaces etc.) and measures related to occupational health and safety. In addition, provided that the measures specified in the circular are taken, it will be able to start its activities from 01 July.

A) General Principles

1. The operators of these establishments will be obliged to take precautionary measures related to the rules set out in this Circular and the rules set by the Coronavirus Scientific Committee, in particular the cleaning, mask and distance measures.

2. Within this framework, the distance plan regarding the general usage areas and the layout will be prepared by the operators, the customer capacity of the internet cafes / halls and electronic games places will be determined according to the distance rule, the capacity information will be hung in a visible place at the entrance of the business and the number of customers will be accepted according to this capacity.

3. Information posters regarding cleaning, mask and distance rules and other rules to be followed will be hung at the entrance of internet cafes / salons and electronic games venues and in appropriate places.

4. Planning for the number of people who can be in the internet cafes / salons and electronic gaming venues at the same time (to be calculated by including employees and customers) will be made not less than 4 square meters per person.

5. At least 1 meter distance rule will be observed between the persons and tables / units that will be inside at the same time, this distance will be determined by landmarks. In games played with two or more people in a single unit, there will be at least 1 meter distance between each person.

6. Measures will be taken to reduce contact between the tables / units with elements such as transparent tarpaulin, glass partition and wooden border.

7. Unmasked customers or employees will not be admitted to internet cafes / lounges and electronic games. The mask will continue to be worn throughout the time. Used masks will be thrown into the litter bin with lids and will be emptied regularly.

8. Precautions will be taken at the entrance gate to prevent uncontrolled crowd within the workplaces mentioned above. In this context, a simple stimulator / blocker (a simple red cord or ribbon etc. that can be attached by hanging from both sides of the door) will be placed on the outer door.

9. Newspapers, magazines, etc. for common use inside. will not be considered.

10. Customers will preferably be asked to make contactless payments. The payment terminal (POS device) will be cleaned frequently with 70% alcohol. By reminding customers that they can make contactless payments with the card, it will be ensured to avoid paying as much cash as possible, the payment terminal (POS device etc.) that the customers will contact / will be cleaned / disinfected with 70% alcohol after each customer.

11. Table / chairs, computer screen, keyboard and mouse, game console etc. equipment and materials will be wiped with 70% alcohol after each customer use.

12. Food / beverage service will be carried out by the operating staff in accordance with the distance rule, and people will not be allowed to buy their own food and drinks.

13. Disposable materials will be used in the service of tea / coffee and other beverages.

14. Kitchen, tea house and service areas in internet cafes / salons and electronic games areas will be arranged in accordance with the provisions of the Ministry's Circular No. 30.05.2020 dated 8556 and the rules prepared for cafes and restaurants by the Ministry of Health Coronavirus Scientific Committee within the scope of COVID-19.

B) Personnel Measures

1. The staff will be informed about COVID-19's transmission routes and preventive measures.

2. Body temperature measurements at the entrance / exit of the staff will be done with thermal sensors or contactless fever meters, and these data will be recorded daily and stored for a minimum of 14 days.

3. If the staff sees the symptoms of COVID-19 in themselves or in the people they live with, they will report this to the business manager immediately.

4. Personnel with symptoms of fever, cough, runny nose, respiratory distress will be directed to the medical institution for evaluation from COVID-19 by wearing a medical mask.

5. Personnel diagnosed and contacted with COVID-19 will be managed by the provincial / district health directorate in accordance with the rules in the Ministry of Health COVID-19 Guidelines.

6. All of the personnel will wear a mask according to the rule, the mask will be changed as it becomes moist or dirty, it will use hand antiseptic or cologne containing at least 70% alcohol before and after replacement.

7. The personnel will be ensured to pay attention to hand hygiene and the personnel will be warned about this issue.

8. Work clothes of the personnel will be changed daily.

9. Employees other than cleaning and washing dishes from personnel in these workplaces (in order not to create false sense of trust) will not use gloves.

10. At the resting areas, at least 1 meter distance between the personnel will be maintained and a mask will be worn.

C) Measures for Customers,

1. Information that explains the rules that are expected to be obeyed inside, which is hung in a visible place without going inside, will be read and the specified rules will be followed.

2. At the entrances, fever measurements will be made at the entrances, and people with a body temperature higher than 38 degrees will be directed to the nearest health institution.

3. People with COVID-19 cases or contact with symptoms of fever, cough, runny nose, respiratory distress will not be admitted to internet cafes / lounges and electronic games.

4. Customers will be warned to maintain a distance of at least 1 meter from other customers and employees.

5. Before entering the internet cafes / salons and electronic game areas, a mask will be worn in accordance with its rule, completely covering the mouth and nose. Adequate masks will be available at the entrances by internet cafe owners, and masks will be distributed to customers without masks at the entrance. The mask will not be removed inside.

6. Hand antiseptic or cologne containing at least 70% alcohol will be used when entering internet cafes / lounges and electronic gaming venues.

Ç) Cleaning and Hygiene

1. Internet cafes / lounges and electronic game areas will be cleaned regularly every day. Frequently used areas and materials will be cleaned more often.

2. Moist wiping-mopping will be preferred for cleaning floors and surfaces. Sweeping operations will be avoided with a dust-removing brush.

3. The cleaning of these workplaces, especially the touched surfaces (such as computer keyboards, mice, game consoles, door handles, telephone handsets, table surfaces etc.) will be taken into consideration. For this purpose, 1/100 diluted (half a small tea glass of 5 liters of water) bleach (Sodium hypochlorite Cas No: 7681-52-9) will be used for disinfection after cleaning with water and detergent. Disinfection will be provided by wiping the cash register, computer keyboards, telephone and other device surfaces with 70% alcohol where chlorine compounds are not suitable.

4. For surface cleaning and disinfection; Surface disinfectants containing active substances that have been demonstrated to viruses and with a 'Biocidal Product License' issued by the Ministry of Health can be used.

5. Cleaning cloths will be separated according to usage area and will be cleaned properly after each use. It will be possible to wash the reusable and reusable cleaning materials at least 60 oC.

6. Banners about hand washing will be hung on toilets.

7. Toilet paper and disposable paper towels will be placed in the toilets. Hand dryers with air will not be operated.

8. Liquid soap will be kept in the toilets and will be maintained.

9. Batteries and soap dispensers in toilets will be photocell if possible.

10. 1/10 diluted bleach (Sodium hypochlorite Cas No: 7681-52-9) will be used for toilet disinfection.

11. Cleaning personnel will be provided to use medical masks and gloves. After cleaning, the staff will take off their masks and gloves, throw them in the trash, and wash their hands with soap and water for at least 20 seconds.

12. Ventilation of workplaces with central ventilation systems will be arranged in a way to ensure natural air circulation, maintenance and filter changes of ventilation systems will be made in accordance with the manufacturer's recommendations.

13. In case of using air conditioner and ventilator, it will be acted in accordance with “Precautions in Air Conditioning / Air Conditioning Systems within the Scope of COVID-19” in “Outbreak Management and Working Guide” prepared by Ministry of Health.

14. Doors and windows of internet cafes / halls and electronic games will be ventilated frequently by opening the doors and windows to ensure adequate air circulation.

D) Other Issues

Electronic game centers (except slide, swing, sand / ball pool, etc.) within the shopping centers will be able to serve within the procedures and principles specified in this Circular.

In this context; Necessary decisions will be taken by the governorships and district governorships in accordance with Articles 27 and 72 of the General Sanitary Law to carry out the activities of the internet cafes / halls and electronic games places according to the above mentioned rules.

The internet cafes / saloons and electronic games places that will start operating in line with the decisions of the Provincial / District Public Hygiene Boards will be audited twice a month to ensure that the application is fully implemented within the specified framework.

Administrative fines shall be imposed in accordance with the Article 282 of the General Sanitary Law on those who do not comply with the measures, and proceedings will be carried out in accordance with the relevant articles of the Law according to the condition of the violation. Necessary judicial proceedings will be initiated within the scope of Article 195 of the Turkish Criminal Code regarding the behavior that constitutes crime.

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