Imamoglu Attended the Lot Lottery Ceremony of KIPTAS Silivri 4th Stage Social Houses

imamoglu kiptas participated in the draw of the stage of social housing of silivri stage
imamoglu kiptas participated in the draw of the stage of social housing of silivri stage

📩 26/06/2020 13:18

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğlu, participated in the drawing ceremony of KİPTAŞ Silivri 4th Stage Social Housing. Speaking before the draw that determined the winners, İmamoğlu said, “Our aim here is to make our low-income families property owners. Earthquake is a fact of our life. An important fact. Therefore, while producing social housing, we aim to be a city that is cautious about earthquakes," he said.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu, participated in the drawing ceremony of KİPTAŞ Silivri 4th Stage Social Housing in the presence of a notary public. The ceremony, which was held at the management building of KİPTAŞ in Zeytinburnu, was attended by İmamoğlu, KİPTAŞ General Manager Ali Kurt, President Advisor Murat Ongun and guests.

Speaking at the ceremony, İmamoğlu stated that Istanbul residents showed great interest in the project and said, “We will make a prize draw in the presence of a notary public among nearly 40 thousand participants. It has been completely transparent since the beginning of the process. This is a transparent management and a precious thing. He said, “It will increase the trust in the institution and this transparency will continue in elements such as transfer and so on during the construction process.”

Stating that their aim is to make low-income citizens home with high standards, İmamoğlu reminded us of the earthquake that occurred in Van yesterday: Therefore, earthquake is an important fact of our life. While producing social housing, we actually aim to be cautious cities about earthquake. Being cautious cities is precious, especially being cautious in Istanbul is beyond value. This means to protect the country and our city from this element that threatens the future most. It has to be on our agenda at every moment. ”

Reminding that he repeatedly stated that the solution of the earthquake reality does not belong to an institution or a municipality, İmamoğlu said, “Again, let me state that this business needs a holistic solution. In other words, we have to prioritize the struggle in the earthquake with a great mobilization from our government to our municipality, from non-governmental organizations to the representatives of the private sector ”.

Stating that KİPTAŞ projects are certainly not compromised on quality, İmamoğlu said, “I will be a follower of this. In other words, as I said, we managed the process with an understanding that uses only installments for the lowest costs and the best and most suitable installment opportunities without compromising any goodness. ”

İmamoğlu stated that health care workers showed great interest in KIPTAS residences and said that they were among the priority groups in drawing lots.

Underlining that it is imperative that Kiptaş quickly produce new social housing, Imamoğlu ended his speech as follows:

“It should continue in a way that will add beauty to the city's aesthetics, the beauty of the city, and that it will be at the highest level of environmental awareness, and at the same time, it will provide housing for our low-income people with the best quality buildings. I am excitedly waiting for the second, the third, in this new period of Kiptaş. ”

KIPTAS General Manager Ali Kurt said in his speech before Imamoglu, “At the end of the 3-week pre-application period, the number of applications was 40. The number of applications that will enter the draw and approved by the notary public is 392 thousand 38. We have reached the highest number of applications in a housing project so far in Silivri ”.

Stating that they set out to bring low-income families together with affordable housing in affordable conditions, Kurt continued his speech as follows: “The number of applications we received in the province of Silivri is in Istanbul; He revealed that the demands of the low-income people and especially the healthcare professionals we included in the privileged group category should be listened to. Social housing is still an important need in Istanbul. As kiptaş, a subsidiary of Istanbul metropolitan municipality, this demand imposes a mission to us. We are aware and we will continue to undertake exemplary projects on this path. ”

The lottery ceremony was held primarily for families of martyrs, war, duty people, widows, orphans, disabled people and healthcare professionals at least 40 percent. The order of drawing lots by privileged groups was determined by drawing lots. 2 residences consisting of 1 + 50 closed kitchens were reserved for each privileged group. With drawing lots, 50 permanent rights holders and 150 reserve members were determined for each privilege group. In the lottery, the families of martyrs, war and duty disabled people took the first place. İmamoğlu appreciated this situation by saying, "It was a very correct ranking start."

The draw of lots for the families of martyrs, war and duty disabled who took the first place was held. In his draw, Imamoğlu determined the names of the martyrs of Şebnem Marova and Zeliha Korkmaz.

The lottery draw, which will start at 27 on Saturday, 2020 June 10.00; It will be built for apartments consisting of 552 2 + 1 closed kitchens. A total of 552 permanent rights holders and 656 reserve members will be determined.
The lottery, which will start at 28 on Sunday, 2020 June 10.00, will be held for apartments consisting of 474 2 + 1 open kitchens and 220 3 + 1 closed kitchens. For apartment types consisting of 2 + 1 open kitchens, 474 principal rights holders and 1.422 substitute members will be determined. For flats consisting of 3 + 1 closed kitchens, 220 permanent owners and 660 substitute members will be determined. At the end of the draw, the contract process will be initiated by contacting the principal rights holders and alternate members. Lottery draws on Sunday will also be broadcast live on KİPTAŞ's social media accounts.

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