General Directorate of Highways to Recruit 5 Disabled Workers

general directorate of highways to hire disabled workers
general directorate of highways to hire disabled workers

The General Directorate of Highways is to be operated with a permanent employment contract, the duration of which is not determined; A total of 5 disabled workers will be recruited.

Turkey's Labor and Employment Agency Provincial Directorate our request will be announced on 29.06.2020 and will remain in the open Job ad for 5 days.

başvuru they can do.

The points to be considered by the candidates who want to apply are specified in the conditions and explanations section to be searched for those who will be recruited as disabled workers below.





Şırnak province and its districts ŞIRNAK Highways 9th Regional Directorate in Şırnak Province and its Districts. Straight Worker (Body Worker) 2 Associate Directorate of Highways 9

Buyukalp Cad. 21100


Erzurum province and its districts ERZURUM 12th Regional Directorate of Highways at workplaces operating in Erzurum and its districts. Office Worker 3 Associate Highways 12th Regional Directorate Tender Hall Yunusemre Mah. / ERZURUM

Conditions and explanations to be sought for those who will be recruited as disabled workers:

1. Candidates who comply with the requirements of the request must be informed from İŞKUR provincial directorates / service centers, service points or within 5 days from the date of publication. will be able to apply by logging in to the Job Seeker link via their internet address with their TR ID number and password Applications will be extended until the end of the first business day following the application deadline.

2. Crimes against the security of the State, crimes against the constitutional order and the functioning of this order, crimes against national defense, crimes against state secrets, spying, embezzlement, extortion, bribery, theft, fraud, forgery, abuse of trust, fraudulent bankruptcy, even if forgiven. Not to be convicted of crimes involving procurement, misrepresentation of performance, money laundering assets, or smuggling crimes,

3. 2527 numbered Turkish nobles they can freely Foreigners Professions and Arts in Turkey, the public, provided that private organizations or prejudice to the provisions of Law Relating Being Employed in business to be a Turkish citizen, be at least 18 years and be under 35 years of age,

4. Not having membership, affiliation or connection with the structures, formations or groups or terrorist organizations that are decided by the National Security Council to act against the national security of the State.

5. It has not been in cooperation with terrorist organizations, has not helped these organizations, has not used or made use of public resources and resources to support these organizations, has not been propaganda for these organizations,

6. Not being deprived of public rights (Article 53 / a of TCK)

7. Having completed his military service, exempted or postponed (for male candidates),

8. Having taken the EKPSS exam,

9. Retirement, old age or disability pension from any social security institution,

10. Candidates should not have any obstacle to work on shifts. (The worker to be recruited will work in the position of a worker named as Flat Worker.)

11. Candidates should not have any health problems preventing them from performing their duties continuously.

12. As of the last day of the application, candidates must have the required educational status and special conditions in accordance with the title required.

13. Candidates must be residing in the province or districts to be worked on 29.06.2020.

14. Candidates who are entitled to attend the exam with the exam day, hour and place will be announced in the announcements section of our website ( This announcement is in the nature of a notification and no further notification will be made to the relevant persons by mail.

15. Candidates who are in the final list for the oral exam; which documents will be delivered, document delivery location, dates and other information procedures will be announced later in the announcements section of the website of our General Directorate ( and also written notifications will not be made to the candidates.

16. As a result of the oral exam, the candidates who are successful as the main and reserve; Our General Directorate will be announced in the announcements section of the website ( and no written notification will be made to the candidates.

17. We reserve the right to file a criminal complaint with the Chief Public Prosecutor's Office regarding the invalidation of the application of those who give false documents or declarations, to cancel the hiring process, and to apply the relevant provisions of the Turkish Criminal Code.

18. The appointed worker will not be able to request transfer (assignment) to workplaces in another city for 5 years.

19. Recruited 142,91 TL. The trial period of the workers to be recruited will be 60 days; Those who fail within the trial period will be terminated.

20. If the candidates who succeed in the exam do not meet the above requirements, their exams will be invalid.

21 As of the announcement of the results, the candidates can object to the Examination Board within 5 (five) business days. Appeals are resolved within 5 (five) business days after reaching the Examination Board and notified to the concerned in writing. The petition that does not have a Turkish Republic ID number, name, surname, signature and address, and any objection made after the expiry date is not considered.

22. Candidates who are eligible to start the task will personally submit the requested documents until the specified date. Applications made by post, courier or courier will not be considered. However, those who are unable to submit their documents due to illness or birth excuse (provided that they submit a birth report or disease report stating their condition) will be able to submit their documents through their relatives. Candidates whose documents have been received will be allowed to start their duties by giving written notification. Birth, illness, etc. for those who cannot come for reasons; if they certify their status, they will be ensured to start working following the end of their legal excuses. An appointment will be made from the reserve list in accordance with the provisions of the aforementioned Regulation, instead of those who have not started working within 15 days despite their appointments, those who have left the job within the trial period, those who have not submitted documents within the specified period, have been waived or have not met the application requirements.

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