Electric Vehicle Made in Bursa, Order Is Pouring

Made an electric vehicle in Bursa, ordering
Made an electric vehicle in Bursa, ordering

Hasan Duman, who lives in Bursa, started to produce electric powered vehicles with single and two-seater models.

Duman offers the vehicles that go on two wheels and cost 10 thousand liras for 17 thousand 500 liras.


The vehicles that the viewers admire attract so much attention that those who see these vehicles look on the road again. Vehicles can reach 20 kilometers. It can travel 4 hours with the charged charge.

Duman, which is considering developing these vehicles, aims to put the solar panels on it and finish the charging problem.


Stating that he is curious about interesting things, Duman said, “I am a model master and I have built a model for many years. He has a dexterity from my father. I made another shape of the vehicle and it worked on it. These vehicles are powered by electricity. It turned out to be a nice product, I aim to develop it a little more. The vehicle can travel 4 hours on charge. It speeds up to 20 kilometers per hour. We can accelerate the vehicle even more if we want. Those who see this vehicle for the first time are curious. I got help from my brothers Semih and Muhammet while I was driving. I was in prison for 30 years and 6 months. There is no rule that every person who comes here will return to prison. In the prison, a person can develop something by developing himself. The information I read in prison in this vehicle was very useful. I made this tool with the information I learned there. There is a curiosity from the father, I designed this vehicle in 4 years. I cost 10 thousand liras. I am thinking of selling 17 thousand 500 liras. The demands started to come, ”he said.

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