Transportation is Easier for the Disabled with the New Born Overpass

easier access for disabled people in the new upper passage
easier access for disabled people in the new upper passage

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality continues its work without slowing down so that disabled people can be comfortable in urban transportation. In this context, the Metropolitan Municipality, which acts with the disabled citizens in the projects it has implemented in the last 16 years, is building elevators for disabled citizens in pedestrian overpasses. Finally, the Department of Science Affairs has built elevators for the disabled on the south side of the overpass, as well as the existing lifts of the Izmit Yeni Doğan Pedestrian Overpass.


Adding a nice appearance to the region with its modern structure, Izmit New Doğan Pedestrian Overpass also provides transportation for disabled people. Due to the difference of elevation to the south side of the overpass, which was built last year, an elevator for individuals with disabilities was built next to the stairs to reach the overpass level. The elevator, which has been checked and put on a green label, provides great convenience for cross-country citizens.

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