Bus Ticket Ceiling Price Discount Preparation

Preparation of discount on the bus ticket ceiling price
Preparation of discount on the bus ticket ceiling price

Within the scope of the Kovid-19 epidemic measures, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure has set a ceiling fare schedule by taking into consideration the increase in ticket prices of the buses carrying passengers and the additional costs that the companies have to bear.

With the aforementioned communique, bus ticket prices were secured by the state, while the sale of tickets to citizens at high prices was prevented.

The Ministry decided to change the communiqué, which was previously reported to be implemented until July 19, by entering the normalization calendar in the Kovid-31 measures.

Istanbul-Ankara ticket price will be maximum 120 liras

The Ministry of the Interior removed the restriction on the 50 percent occupancy rate in intercity passenger transport activities. In this context, it is expected that the occupancy rate of buses will increase to 70-75 percent in the event that it is possible for family members to travel side by side, regardless of social distance. Taking into account this situation, the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure will change for bus prices.

The Ministry has prepared a draft communiqué regarding the re-determination of the ceiling fees determined on a mileage basis. With the publication of the Communiqué, the ceiling wages, which started to be implemented on 14 May, will be reduced to approximately 30 percent for the benefit of the citizens.

The price of the ceiling, which was 301 lira at 350-150 kilometers, will decrease to 110 liras, and the ceiling fee of 901 lira at 1000-250 kilometers will decrease to 185 liras.

Thus, the price of the Istanbul-Ankara line tickets, which can be sold for a maximum of 160 liras by determining the ceiling fare, will be at most 120 liras.

“Ceiling price application can be lifted”

Transport and Infrastructure Minister Adil Karaismailoğlu said that with the arrangement, they aim to ensure that citizens can travel at more affordable prices.

Karaismailoğlu stated that the normalization process was carried out in coordination with the Ministry of Health and stated that they would go to a new regulation due to the expected results.

Emphasizing that citizens make all necessary arrangements to protect their rights without delay, Karaismailoğlu said, “By publishing this communiqué, we will enable our citizens to travel at more affordable prices. According to the course of the process, it is possible to abolish the current communiqué before July 31 and end the ceiling-floor price application. ” said.

Turkey's Kovid-19 that gave the face of the epidemic "National Struggle" that's saved as a process that is followed with admiration the world's countries Karaismailoğlu striking, he said:

"Our president will survive this difficult period as well as Turkey's Recep Tayyip Erdogan's leadership. The understanding and patience of our citizens during this period are actually the most important factors that multiply our success. As a ministry, we put our hands under the stone. We produce for the citizen and serve them. ”

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