Foreign Medical Supplies and Social Isolation Searched in Turkey

Foreigners medical supplies and social isolation turkiyede aradi
Foreigners medical supplies and social isolation turkiyede aradi

All over the world to meet the needs of companies in the ravaged Covidien-19 international routes has caused the turn to Turkey. In the Tüyap Digital Platforms, where 30.738 products are included, foreign companies searched for medical materials and social isolation systems in the last 3 months.

Health and preparation for the new standard stands out

The Covid-19 pandemic not only changed our lifestyle, but also changed our needs. All over the world the effects of space Covidien-19 process in Turkey is switching to the normalization process as of June 1. Thanks to the experience difficulties during this period the production capacity of Turkey was support for the need for a lot of countries. Tuyap Fair Group of digital data also revealed that most of what foreign firms looking in Turkey.

In the platform where 15.700 products of 30.738 exhibitors were exhibited, calls made from abroad increased by 3 percent in the last 65 months compared to the same period of the previous year. The products most sought by companies abroad, especially in European countries and the United States, are as follows:

  • Consumables (Gloves and mask)
  • Partitioning Materials (Panels and closing systems)
  • Intensive care bed
  • Laboratory and Biotechnology Products
  • Clean Room Systems
  • Interest in production and agriculture is increasing

In the period when the disease peaked in the world, the searches in the agriculture category and the needs in the packaging and plastic industry, which contributed to direct production, increased. Agricultural mechanization in the last month and the number of foreign buyers who have access to digital systems to meet with producers in Turkey increased by 80 percent compared to the previous month. Searches for plastics raw materials and packaging products from abroad are increasing.


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