Asphalt Attack Continues in Izmir

Asphalt attack continues in Izmir
Asphalt attack continues in Izmir

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality did not forget the districts and villages outside the center in the asphalt attack that it accelerated during the curfew restrictions applied on the weekends. This weekend, tons of asphalt was poured in Torbalı, Çeşme and Dikili, and paving and cobblestone works were carried out.

Izmir Metropolitan Municipality continues the asphalt and parquet works it has spread throughout the city. While the main arteries of the city are renewed one by one, critical touches are also made at the required points of the districts outside the center. İZBETON teams, who continued to work without interruption in the curfew restriction applied on the weekend, carried out asphalting in Torbalı, asphalting and construction works in Çeşme and Dikili districts. In this context, approximately 15 tons of asphalt pavement was made only this weekend on the 500th Street that connects the Yeniköy District and the Ahmetli District of Torbalı district, and most of the street was renewed.

Preparation for normalization

With the start of the normalization days in the coronavirus process, the activities in the tourism paradises of İzmir, where tourism activities will also be activated, have been increased. This weekend asphalt and parquet work continued uninterruptedly in Çeşme. Approximately one thousand tons of hot asphalt was used in the works carried out in Alaçatı Mahallesi 14000. Sokak. Paving works are ongoing in 12055 Sokak. Parquet flooring and landscaping projects in Ilıca coastline, 5152. Sokak and Alaçatı 16017. Sokak were also completed within the month and offered to the service of Çeşme. Work is continuing at various points in the district to increase road comfort.

Golden touch to Dikili

The asphalt and road arrangement move launched by the Metropolitan in Dikili also continues. In Uğur Mumcu Street, one of the main arteries of the district, only 2 thousand tons of asphalt was used for asphalt renewal work this weekend. In addition, the 3-kilometer-long pavement and cycle path arrangement made by construction teams continues uninterruptedly. The work on the streets of Çetin Emeç and Hasan Tahsin in Dikili was completed and the roads were opened for use.

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