Ziya Selçuk: LGS Exam will be held on 7 June

ziya selcuk
ziya selcuk

Minister of National Education Ziya Selçuk answered questions about the High School Pass (LGS) exams to be held on June 20, 2020 in the television program she attended live. He added that the students will take the exam in their own schools, the exams will be in two sessions, the students who are in the space will be taken to the waiting area in the garden, and the parents will not wait in the school garden, and added that the students who take the exam will be held responsible only for the first term.

“In this general normalization process, many decisions are made. Mr. President also announced these decisions. We make these decisions in consultation with many institutions. We make decisions about LGS and implement them. YOK takes decisions with YKS and implements them. Each of our students will take the exam at their own school. This is the first time in LGS history. Exam information will be announced via e-school. "

“Exam centers will be disinfected. Students will be provided with masks. At this time, we will not look for a photo ID condition because it may be difficult on a photo ID card. In the coming days, there is a scenario with the Scientific Board regarding the seating arrangement. There will not be a problem, a decision will be made by paying attention to the health conditions and by consulting the Scientific Committee. ”

“The exam will be in 2 sessions. In the gap here, our students will go to the school garden. But parents and students cannot be together. By protecting the social distance, our students will be provided with air, there will be guidance teachers next to our students. "

“Students will not take the exam with their own teachers. Students in all our private and public schools will take the exam with their own teachers. A promotional video about the exam will also be published. "

“The questions in the exam have prepared an exam that will be responsible for the topics in the first semester.”

Schools are not in a position to take the decision to be opened on the date of ministry. A decision will be taken by taking opinions from all ministries. We want it to open gradually on June 1, but the process is dynamic. We have multiple plans for June 1. I hope everything goes well, we open the schools on June 1st. Or we can go for a partial opening. In the coming weeks we will look at the conditions, we will look and evaluate with relevant organizations. "

“If one of our students is not absent, our student will go to a higher class, but will be responsible. We make the decision in favor of the child. Regulations were made legally. ”

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