Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine Shared the Starting Stages of Transport and Passenger Traffic

ukraine's ministry of infrastructure shares the start of passenger traffic
ukraine's ministry of infrastructure shares the start of passenger traffic

The Ministry of Infrastructure of Ukraine shared some details about the three-stage plan it developed for the resumption of transportation and passenger traffic.

Bakan Vladislav Krikliy “Transportation will step out of quarantine step by step. At the end of the week, the Ministry of Health should be agreed to determine the planned dates of the stages, ensure that people can work, and protect people from the spread of the coronavirus as much as possible. ” said.

First stageTo start urban transportation (except fixed-line minibuses) and suburban (within the same region) flights, as well as to start domestic flights and partially railways: to run trains up to 50% occupancy during railways, long distance and night trains will also start working.

In the second stageIt is planned to allow inter-regional and international road transport, to start all commuter trains that will operate during the day and all passenger trains except seasonal ones.

In the third stage, In addition to seasonal trains, it is recommended to open international air and rail connections.

Krikliy said, “We are working with air carriers and the Ministry of Foreign Affairs to determine the countries where international flights will restart. Airlines proposes that international flights continue at the same time as domestic flights. ” said.

When operations begin, passengers and transport personnel must use personal protective equipment, fire measurement and disinfection of transport facilities (airports, train stations etc.) will be carried out.

The number of passengers will be limited among all vehicles. (Source: ukrhaber


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