MÜSİAD Rolled Up Its Arms For The Production Move After The Outbreak

Musiad swings his arms for the production move after the epidemic
Musiad swings his arms for the production move after the epidemic

📩 15/05/2020 14:35

The world pressed the button to re-spin the wheels. Turkey is going to introduce a new model in this process: Isolated production bases. The first of the bases set by MÜSİAD standards will be opened in Tekirdağ on 15 June. When the base closes the doors, it will have a completely self-sufficient production power.

Normalization steps have started to be taken all over the world to return the production wheels that stop with the coronavirus pandemic. It came to a different application for the process of normalization of Turkey.

The Independent Industrialists' and Businessmen's Association (MÜSİAD) turned the project, which started 7 years ago as' Medium Scale Industrial Zones', into “Isolated Production Bases”. The project received the necessary permissions from both the Ministry of Industry and Technology, the Ministry of Environment and the Ministry of Agriculture. The isolated production base, designed to accommodate 1000 families and approximately 4 people, was established with the logic of living space, not the organized industrial zone (OSB) logic.

The production base, where the Logistics Guest House, which has been made suitable for 14-day quarantines, will be isolated, will be completely isolated from the epidemic and other negativities. MÜSİAD shared the details of isolated investment bases with the WORLD in its report titled “Production and Investment Bases”.

4 regions have been planned, one in Istanbul

The first isolated production base, whose construction has been completed, will be commissioned on June 15 in Tekirdağ. Total planned number of bases to be established in Istanbul 4 Hadimkoy 2nd production base in the south of Turkey after Hassan and planned for the 3rd of 4th and finally in the Black Sea region. The project will also be an SME exchange with its doors closed feature. It is planned that the base will contain the sectors of the country that must continue, and production will not be cut in any extraordinary situation.

Infrastructure to withstand 300 years 8.5 earthquake resistance

In the report prepared, it is stated that isolated / sterile production bases can operate the entire production-trade chain from supply to sales under all kinds of crisis conditions. Employers will be able to do business with the substitution and complementary sectors. Workers will be able to live with their families and meet their health needs. It will include educational institutions, vocational high schools and qualified personnel will be met. All customs bonded warehouse, storage and sanitation processes that can continue production by closing the doors in a possible epidemic or possible natural disaster will be managed. There will be filtration and purification systems in itself. The infrastructure of the base, which was built, can last 300 years. Sustainable production will be carried out considering the climate change. Rain water treatment, water footprint, rain footprint and soil fertility will be in focus. Buildings, dormitories, health facilities at the production base are also resistant to an earthquake measuring 8.5 and above.

MUSIAD will set the standards

The report emphasizes that the standard-setting institution of the isolated production bases model is MUSIAD. It is stated that MÜSİAD aims to rapidly expand these bases among other productive stakeholders, with priority among its members in Anatolia and big cities. In addition, the financing of the project has been resolved through investment venture capital and participation banks.

Recommendation at the German Ministry of Energy and Economy

In the report prepared by MÜSİAD, it is underlined that a similar project was discussed by the German Ministry of Energy and Economy but MÜSİAD's project is a model that goes back 7 years.


In the report, which stated that the problems regarding investment and incentive efficiency are caused by the separate handling of production, trade and investment, and the inability to achieve synchronization between them, “However, these three concepts should act on the same line and fed with each other's data in order to achieve sustainable growth. With an approach similar to the supply chain, we will take this flow; We call it the 'investment value chain'. The base we have established is sustainable investment bases that collect producers in a region like a 'productionandsupplying cluster' model in order to continue the production-trade and supply chain intact in all possible disasters and epidemics. Because it provides production-trade-investment synchronization ”.


There will also be a bonded warehouse within the isolated production base. Thus, export operations will be easy and fast. Maximum product safety and sanitation can be applied during packing and loading. These areas will also offer partial free zone service. The procedures will be open for sanitation and other inspections by the inspectors coming from the countries to which the ordering companies are affiliated. This will support the reliability and reputation management in trade.


The report emphasizes that thanks to this application, sterilization and sanitation-based blockages will be prevented in the logistics system. It is stated that a production and transportation line will be provided in the guest houses where all kinds of isolation including health quarantines, including 14-day quarantines, have been established and the logistic guest house has been established.

How will social life be?


There will be stores such as banks, cargo, PTT, spare parts shops, sales sales, markets, restaurants. There will be a theater, cinema and production museum.


The energy-producing facilities and fuel stations will eliminate the energy shortage that will occur in the transition to an isolated, sterile production line. These renewable energy facilities will reduce energy costs.


The rainwater collection unit, waste collection center, renewable energy use, recycling facility, agricultural land to be thrown by excavation will be re-used.


Thanks to the vocational high schools and equivalent schools to be found, both education and internship opportunities will be provided. Education will continue without interruption with 1000 student dormitories.


Thanks to the nursery and kindergartens designed within the site, participation in the female workforce will be supported. Social housing measures have been increased in the houses that have been rearranged due to the pandemic, and the larger rooms have been separated from each other, making them more isolated.


With a pharmacy, health center and a full-fledged hospital, on-site intervention will be provided without going out to isolation, quarantine and possible health problems. Facilities such as Olympic swimming pool, fitness center, basketball, handball, volleyball court, Turkish bath will be available.


The mosque will also be located inside the base in order to fulfill the conditions of worship of the people in the living area with respect to religious sensibilities.

Symbol key to Minister Varank

Industry and Technology Minister Mustafa Varank examined the region prepared during his visit to Tekirdag, and received the symbol key of the region from MUSIAD President Abdurrahman Kaan.

Musiad swings his arms for the production move after the epidemic
Musiad swings his arms for the production move after the epidemic

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