Loyalty from IETT Driver to the Institution

iett soforund to dry loyalty
iett soforund to dry loyalty

IETT driver Ahmet Köse, who was treated with the diagnosis of Covid 19, is entitled to retirement while he is in the recovery process. kazanwas. Ahmet Köse, who delivered his retirement petition to the institution in this process, gave up his retirement because of the close attention of IETT administrators while his treatment continued and the institution's call to retired drivers for the need for missing drivers.

Ahmet Köse is one of the 1073 drivers working on the Metrobus line. Caught in Covid 19, Ahmet Köse survived the disease after his treatment. During the treatment, Burak Sevim, Head of the Department of Fast Bus-Metrobus Operation and General Manager of IETT, Hamdi Alper Kolukısa, like all our drivers under quarantine, closely followed Ahmet Köse and followed his situation closely.

You are entitled to complete your day and retire while under treatment. kazanAhmet Köse was very impressed by the close attention of the institution officials throughout his illness. In the difficult days when many drivers were unable to work due to the virus, Ahmet Köse's conscience did not remove the retirement and he withdrew his retirement petition.

The responsible behavior of Ahmet Köse has affected the managers of the institution very much. IETT General Manager Hamdi Alper Kolukısa was presented with a certificate of appreciation and a plaque due to this behavior that glorifies his corporate culture. Presentations by thanking General Manager Ahmet Köse Kolukısa Speaking at the ceremony, "IETT Turkey's second oldest brand. Institutions are not just buildings, they live and move forward with the responsible behavior of employees who carry it to the future. ” Ahmet Köse stated that he was very touched by thanking the authorities and stated that the plaque and the certificate of appreciation increased the institution's belonging.

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