Holiday Air on Capital Roads

festive mood on the capital roads
festive mood on the capital roads

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continued its asphalt work in the 4-day curfew announced during the eve of Ramadan and the eve of the fight against the coronavirus outbreak. The Science Works Department teams, which carried out 16/85 asphalt paving and patch work in 7 districts from Mamak to Polatlı, Sincan to Elmadağ, brought 24 thousand 4 tons of asphalt to the capital roads in 14 days. The teams completed a total of 229 thousand 91 tons of asphalt paving on the days when the curfew was imposed since April.

Ankara Metropolitan Municipality continues to work on the asphalt shingle in the curfews, especially on weekends, as part of the fight against coronavirus.

The Metropolitan Municipality Department of Science Affairs, which spent a lot of work in many parts of the Capital City due to the empty streets and boulevards, carried out 23 tons of asphalt casting between May 26-14. Starting from April, the amount of asphalt laid on the capital roads reached 229 thousand 91 tons only on the days of curfew.


Continuing the maintenance, repair and asphalt paving of the roads throughout the city, the Science Affairs Department teams carried out 4 tons of asphalt work within a 14-day period, including the eve of Ramadan and Ramadan.

The teams, which carried out asphalt renewal, laying, line and patch operations at 23 points in 26 districts between 16-85 May in Ankara, brought the asphalt roads on the north-south, east-west axis of the Capital. Metropolitan Science Affairs Department teams finally;

  • Ahmet Taner Kışlalı Neighborhood Alacaatlı Street,
  • Inside Söğütözü Mahallesi AŞTİ,
  • İvedik Köy Mahallesi 1323. Caddesi,
  • Ortaköy Neighborhood Ortaköy Cemetery Road,
  • OSTİM Mahallesi 1191. Caddesi,
  • İnkılap Mahallesi Çam Street,
  • He completed the asphalt paving process 339/7 at Karapürçek Mahallesi 24. Caddesi.


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