Life Water for Home and Living Goods Sector

life water for home and living goods sector
life water for home and living goods sector

Breathing Loan, which was launched in order to relieve SMEs adversely affected by the new type of coronavirus outbreak (Covid-19) and aims to provide low interest loans, will be life water for businesses with an annual interest rate of 7,5 percent.

Speaking about breathing credit on behalf of the household and living goods sector, which is one of the sectors most affected by coronavirus, Ahmet Çığır Şahin, President of the Developing Home and Living Goods Brands Association; '' The sector that will be most affected by the crisis, small and medium-sized enterprises, our businesses need maximum support especially in high energy expenses, check-bond-loan, salary and rent payments. With the help of the low interest loan, we think that our SMEs will take a comfortable breath with respect to some payments. Employment, in line with Turkey Union of Chambers for the continuity of trade and production facility, will give the Chamber of Commerce will be very valuable contribution for each of us, '' he said.

It is estimated that street stores, which are expected to recover faster with the support of credit, will regain their old turnover faster than shopping malls. AVMs, which are closed due to the coronavirus epidemic, are getting ready to reopen with the onset of the normalization process. On the other hand, in online shopping, the numbers are increasing day by day.

Responding to those who are curious about the current situation of the corona epidemic in the sector, Şahin said, “Reopening of shopping malls can be considered as a one-sided decision. Opening the stores will create an expectation in the supply and payment chain. However, since the probability of the low rate of shopping is very serious, the possibility of creating irreversible wounds in the chain between shopping mall management, tenants and store product suppliers may be very high. This issue should not be evaluated only from the perspective of shopping mall administrations. In e-commerce, there are huge increases with changing shopping habits. With the coronavirus process, there was an increase of 60 percent in decoration products, 100 percent in dinnerware and kitchenware products, 60 percent in electrical kitchen and home appliances, and 40 percent in furniture. 9 percent of the audience, who have never done online shopping until now, started shopping online. ''

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