PULAT AKS and Unmanned Package from ASELSAN to ACV-15

aselsan acv e pulat axle and unmanned package
aselsan acv e pulat axle and unmanned package

ASELSAN, which is the locomotive of the Turkish defense industry, is already making preparations for the future of the force while carrying out projects to meet the current needs of the Turkish Armed Forces.

ASELSAN, which showed very rapid reactions to today's combat environment and even realized the needs of the combat environment in advance, showed the first example of this in Operation Euphrates Shield. Based on the modernization package he created for the Leopard 2 NG Project, he developed a quick solution for the M60T tanks to keep up with asymmetrical combat conditions.

In operations in Syria, the ACV-15 Armored Combat Vehicle (ZMA) needed modernization, as well as the tanks in the TAF inventory. Based on these needs, ASELSAN main contract was signed under the subcontractor of FNSS.

In the project in question; ASELSAN will present the NEFER 25mm weapon system, originally developed for armored combat vehicles, to the need of the Land Forces Command. In addition, ASELSAN systems developed especially within the context of ALTAY Project and integrated into tanks within the scope of the M60 FIRAT Project, and sub-systems such as armor, protection liner, mine protection, Automatic Fire Extinguishing System, Chemical-Biological-Radiological-Nuclear System, Air Conditioning belonging to other stakeholders It will integrate to the vehicles under the responsibility of the contractor and as the entire site responsible.

ACV Mod Unmanned
ACV Mod Unmanned

Within the scope of the project, ASELSAN will conduct technology demonstration works on unmanned ground vehicle application and PULAT Active Protection System (AKS) integration. The ZMA Modernization project has a special place as ASELSAN is responsible for the management of activities for all armored vehicles.

In addition to all these, in line with the expectation that unmanned Ground Vehicles (İKA) will change the rules of land battles, as in the Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), ASELSAN will allocate more resources and effort to this issue and gain the necessary technological infrastructure especially for heavy class ICAs. The Defense Industry Directorate has a high awareness of the Land Vehicles Department. Source: DefenceTurk

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