Youngsters who will perform their mission, reach their troops safely

young people who will do their duty, reach their troops safely
young people who will do their duty, reach their troops safely

The Turkish Armed Forces' fight against the Kovid-19 outbreak continues successfully. The measures previously implemented in the fight against coronavirus are applied one by one in the arrival of the liable parties.

In this context; The young people, who set out from their provinces to carry out their national duties, are taken from the bus station, airport and train stations within the scope of the fight against Kovid-19 and delivered to the barracks where they will work. In the province where it comes to surrender to the obliged parties, it is greeted by the staff on duty as soon as it gets off the transportation vehicle it is used and directed to the contact points opened by the Garrison Commands. The items brought by our youth are disinfected by the staff working at the Contact Points, their fever is measured, new masks are distributed, and their unions are determined by checking their documents. After these procedures, the obliged parties, who are assigned to the buses reserved for them within the framework of social distance rules, are transported from here to the barracks they will deliver.

When the obliged parties come to the barracks, fire measurement and disinfection processes are applied again. Afterwards, the obliged parties who are dressed after their first examinations are taken under surveillance for 14 days, during this period, they are informed and trained within the scope of Kovid-19 measures and necessary measures are taken to prevent them from coming into contact with other soldiers and personnel in the barracks. Thanks to this method, young people leaving their homes are contacted with the least number of people, and controlled and safe access to the barracks and subsequent health conditions are followed.

All kinds of measures have been taken and continue to be taken in order to ensure that the Mehmetçik entrusted to the TAF performs military service safely and prevent the spread of the virus.

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