Great Interest in Cinema Screening Outdoors! Records Expired in 19 Seconds

Great interest in the open-air cinema show is in seconds
Great interest in the open-air cinema show is in seconds

The cinema screened by İzmir Metropolitan Municipality on Friday, May 15th attracted great attention. The registration was completed within 19 seconds at the event where the “Dealer Meeting” movie will be screened simultaneously at six points. 750 vehicles including two people will participate in the event.

There was a great interest in the nostalgic car cinema event organized by Izmir Metropolitan Municipality for Izmir residents who could not go to the cinema due to coronavirus measures. From 15:11 on Monday, May 21.00, for simultaneous screenings at six locations on Friday, May XNUMX. is registrations started. Participation right of the first 750 applicants kazanRegistrations for the event, which will take place, were filled in 19 seconds. The web page was viewed by 66 thousand people.

The movie "Dealer Meeting" directed by Bedran Güzel, will be screened for free in Bostanlı, İnciraltı Democracy Square, Fuar İzmir, Bornova Aşık Veysel Recreation Area Ice Rink, Buca and Çiğli. Moviegoers will enjoy cinema safely without getting out of their cars. The film will start at 21.00, which tells the story of three white goods vendors who shared themselves with entertaining adventures at the dealer meeting shared by İbrahim Büyükak, Onur Buldu, Doğu Demirkol, where they had to attend. The sound of the movie will be able to be heard from the cars over the fm radio frequency. Popcorn and soda will be served to the audience during the 2-hour movie screening.

Precautions taken due to coronavirus

Right to participate on the day of the event kazanThose who have been registered and listed will be allowed to enter the area where the drive-in movie event is held with their vehicles. Izmir Metropolitan Municipality also took the necessary measures in the area where the event was held for the people of Izmir who would leave their homes for the movie theater with cars. Masks will be distributed to citizens who will participate in the event. Citizens will not be allowed to exit the vehicles after entering the screening area.

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