Published a Report on 'Stages of Opening for Istanbul'

It does not mean to return to normal.
It does not mean to return to normal.

The IMM Scientific Advisory Board published a report on 'Stages of Opening for Istanbul'. In the report; Turkey is a reduction in the number of deaths in general; however, it was stated that there is no healthy data regarding Istanbul. The report suggested that the decision to move on to the next stage of the normalization process be made after a two-week review.

In the Report of the IMM Scientific Committee, the following views were mentioned by mentioning the importance of the transparency rule by informing the society frequently.


“A certain stage has been reached in the COVID-19 pandemic. The process of returning to normal life should be planned gradually, both nationally and locally and in line with the principles of public health science and should not be passed without meeting certain conditions by carefully evaluating each step towards convergence to new normalization.

The negativities that will be experienced in the reopening process carry the danger of re-increase in COVID-19 cases. For this reason, every step taken is of utmost importance in order not to waste time and effort, and not to go back again.

The number of new cases observed during the opening should be followed carefully, and the new steps should be decided by observing the effect of opening. In this context, the openings, which are on a large scale, which can affect large masses, should be carried out gradually, after the two-week monitoring period, the next step should be passed in order to clearly see the effect of each step. In addition, transitions should be a two-way process and if necessary, step back quickly.

Reopening should start with the lowest risk activities, low population density regions and the lowest risk age groups. For this reason, first of all people should start using public spaces by following the rule of physical distance (1 Meter Rule), but on the other hand, high contact places such as bars, restaurants, schools, sales places of non-essential products should be left for a later date.


Istanbul should have a separate reopening program, both as a metropolis with a sizable population and the province most affected by the epidemic. In this report, which evaluates the reopening process specifically for Istanbul province, it is aimed to predict the provincial level steps on the basis of the scientific criteria proposed by the competent institutions and the scientific community on the subject. expressed. The number of cases today is estimated to be more than 1 percent.


The World Health Organization has defined six criteria to start removing large-scale restrictions. Countries must meet the following criteria:

1. Evidence that COVID-19 passage is under control,

2. Adequate public health and health system capacities for diagnosis, isolation, testing, contact tracking and quarantine,

3. Minimizing the risk of explosions in environments with high sensitivity - nursing homes, nursing homes for mentally handicapped people,

4. Protective measures including physical distance, hand washing, respiratory hygiene and body temperature monitoring are being implemented at workplaces,

5. Managing the risk of incidents from communities with a high risk of contamination,

6. Community having a voice and enlightenment in transitions, being a part of the process and having participation


For Istanbul, which is stated to have at least 60 percent of the exact cases, it is very important to inform the local government in the reopening process and to get their opinions. Precise and accurate data according to WHO's possible case definition should be provided daily for Istanbul, and similarly this data should be available for other cities.

Society is also an important factor in the reopening stages and it should not be forgotten that it will be shaped by the behavior of the people in the society. It should be known by the society that the opening process is not a process in which everything returns to the pre-epidemic period, it is the measures to be applied during the stages, and that the negativities that will arise during the opening process will reverse the stages.

Once the stages are determined, they should be shared with the community and the participation of the society should be allowed. The reasons / reasons for the measures taken should be explained and expected to comply with the stages. Giving only the exact date without explaining the cause-effect relationship causes the expectation to increase in people. It is very important to accept the society as a part of the process and to participate in the process, and to adequately enlighten the transition stages.

In the normalization phase, community support and compliance of businesses to the rules are very important. Considering which issues are taken into consideration and which factors are being reopened, these points should be shared with the public transparently. When the information is not transparent; skepticism, anxiety, risky behavior, dissemination of false information, belief in incorrect information. Therefore, the opening criteria and the process should be transparent.

It is very important that the level of physical distance and hygiene measures at public workplaces where the opening takes place is carried out by the police officers, and that the criminal proceedings of the enterprises that do not implement the measures are implemented by the local supervisors. This process can only be effective with the cooperation and collaboration of local government authorities with local administrations.


Turkey elected in general about Istanbul addition to routinely described some of the data almost no data are available.

The limited available data examined whether the criteria are met with an assessment made on the decline since the middle of April, the number of new cases in Turkey in the beginning of May, but that stopped the outbreak of the 2nd week of growth are observed.

reduction in the number of deaths that other criteria, Turkey is concerned but is not available in the general data about Istanbul. However, according to the evaluations made from the data of IMM Directorate of Cemeteries, the number of deaths in Istanbul has decreased in the last 14 days. The frequency of illness among the healthcare professionals mentioned in another criterion is also unknown.

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