KIPTAS Silivri 3rd Stage Lot Lottery was held

kiptas silivri stage drawing was made
kiptas silivri stage drawing was made

IMM President Ekrem İmamoğluIn his speech at the KİPTAŞ Silivri 3rd Stage Lottery Drawing Ceremony, he made the following call to General Manager Ali Kurt: “You will deliver some of the houses we have drawn in in June. Let us announce the Silivri 4 Project, a project concept that even our people with the lowest income can dream of and buy a house with their income, taking into account the minimum wage limit in Turkey, to our fellow citizens and their relatives. Let's draw lots today, let's convey the good news of the holiday to their families. Next week; Let's feed our people, our society, with the hope that 'Even under these conditions, opportunities can be obtained'. This is our responsibility. Hopefully, we will give this good news to our Istanbul next week through KIPTAS.”

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality (IMM) President Ekrem İmamoğlu, participated in the KIPTAS Silivri 3rd Stage Draw Ceremony. IMM Secretary General Yavuz Erkut, IMM President Advisor and SözcüSü Murat Ongun, KİPTAŞ Chairman Ertan Yıldız and KİPTAŞ General Manager Ali Kurt were accompanied. Kurt made the city speech before the ceremony.

He emphasized that they made important progress in a short time and Silivri 3rd Stage social housing project is one of them. Kurt shared the information about the project and said:

“Our project, which consists of 1513 residences, 7 commercial units, 300 mosque with 1 people, 26 classrooms, 4 primary and secondary schools and 1 health center, was carried out with 3 contractor companies in 3 stages. In August 2019, two of our stages made progress around 2-70 percent, while one of our stages was behind the business plan with 75 percent. As a team, we brought this stage to the same level as our other stages with the business model we developed within the framework of law. When we first discussed the project, we realized that the project's license and implementation differ from each other. Zoning plans were also canceled. We started the process of preparing development plans urgently. After ensuring the approval of the plans from IMM, we received the revision license modification in accordance with our current project and finished our floor easement transactions as of Christmas. ”

Expressing that they were planning to shoot at the Eurasia Show Center in Yenikapı 2 months ago, Kurt said that they could not fulfill these requests due to the pandemic. Kurt said that they went to the arrangements for the beneficiaries who will have difficulties in this process. In our interim period in May, we made an arrangement to be paid in 2 equal installments. Our aim in this application was to ease the burden of our citizens who pay both rent and installments. We pride ourselves as the first corporate structure that also in this application process outbreaks in Turkey, "he said.

İBBoğlu President İmamoğlu said, “In such a difficult period and in a troubled environment, all KIPTAS has shown its meticulousness to prepare a project that had certain problems before, to make it to the right holders in the most qualified way, keeping its quality at the highest level. I sincerely thank the employees, the General Manager, the Chairman of the Board, all the managers and of course all the workers in the field. When I visited the field, I saw with my eyes that both a working environment suitable for the pandemic process was provided and that the quality of the production desired by the beneficiaries was revealed. I was happy ”.

Stating that he has been following the project from the beginning, Imamoğlu said, “Some of our people's wishes and demands are also on my agenda. It is a valuable point in terms of its location. It has an identity to live a different process in Silivri. There is something to disturb people. In leaflets or mock-ups, there is a green field next to it, it has a process before us that has not been done at all, but has not started at all. There is a recreation area here, it is the duty and responsibility of IMM to enrich it and enrich it with the shape of a distinguished park of Istanbul ”.

Emphasizing that KIPTAS's main philosophy is to produce social housing, İmamoğlu underlined that adding a sense of aesthetics to the development of the city is one of the important goals. İmamoğlu pointed out that it is imperative that state institutions have such a priority and responsibility. It has such a mission. In another mission, however, the concept of social housing, people the opportunity to obtain housing on income into their home conditions in Turkey a financial regulation also on the ability to give him, installment, so could only dream of the people and provide a housing acquisition environment can realize his dream has obliged. These principles are important for the KIPTAS philosophy. Of course, the process of creating model models related to urban transformation is another dimension. "It has to be capable of producing a financially balanced project and having the ability to produce projects that can contribute to the urban transformation and urban regeneration of Istanbul in a real sense."

İmamoğlu stated that the whole world will enter a health, social life and economically troubled process due to the pandemic process, and emphasized that they act with a spirit of mobilization in this sense. İmamoğlu emphasized that these days can be overcome by establishing an environment of solidarity, reconciliation and trust, and continued as follows:

“This process will end, life will continue. But institutions like us have the obligation to nurture people's hopes with the right jobs. Despite these difficulties, our ability to produce jobs; Despite these difficulties, creating jobs; Despite these difficulties, we have an obligation to demonstrate the ability to maximize the comfort of our employees. Despite all these difficulties, we will continue on our way by improving the conditions of our employees. We will create new job opportunities and we will be the hope of some sectors with the pioneering steps we will put forward. ”

Following these words, İmamoğlu ended his speech by making the following call to Kurt, General Manager of KIPTAS:
“You will deliver some of the dwellings we are drawing in June. We, our countrymen from there and their relatives, taking into account the minimum wage limit in Turkey could not even dream of our people with income at a minimum, a project concept can take home with income, I Silivri 4 Project announce. These days we are struggling with both moral and economic moralities these days; Let us succeed to be hopes for people by producing the right way, the right method, the right model, and producing quality and qualified work. Let's draw lots today, let us deliver the good news of Eid to their families. Let's feed our people, our society, in the hope of 'It is possible to obtain opportunities even under these conditions' next week. This is our responsibility. Hopefully, we will give this good news to our Istanbul next week through KIPTAS. Our friends will prepare for this. ”

The drawing of lots took place in the presence of the 23rd Notary Public of Bakırköy. İmamoğlu, Erkut, Ongun, Yıldız and Kurt are the first names to qualify for the Silivri 3rd Stage Project by drawing lots and kazanThey determined the flats they were in.

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