May 5 World Asthma Day Alert: Asthma Patients Should Be More Careful

world asthma day
world asthma day

Due to May 5 World Asthma Day, Prof. Dr. Bilun Gemicioğlu and Assoc. Dr. Ömür Aydın, warned about the relationship between coronavirus epidemic and asthma disease and what to pay attention to. This year's theme is' 'Asthma Attack the Last' due within 5 May World Asthma Day Chronic Respiratory Diseases Prevention and Control Program (GARD) Turkey Coordinator Prof. Dr. Bilun Gemicioğlu and President of the Turkish Thoracic Society Asthma and Allergy Working Group, Assoc. Dr. While Ömür Aydın evaluated the relationship between the coronavirus and the epidemic of asthma, he made explanations about the symptoms and treatment of asthma. In the statement made to raise awareness about asthma disease, it was emphasized that there are all kinds of treatments related to the disease in our country.

Assessing the relationship between COVID 19 pandemic affecting the whole world and asthma. Dr. Bilun Gemicioğlu said, “As it is known, the coronavirus traces with the involvement in the respiratory tract and its complaints. Similarly, asthma is a disease of the respiratory tract. "International Asthma Guidelines" have been some suggestions for patients with asthma to spend this extraordinary period as little as possible. ” said.

World Asthma Day

It was accepted by the World Health Organization as the first Asthma Day of every May in every year. The purpose of celebrating Tuesday, May 5 as World Asthma Day; is to ensure that the society has information about asthma disease and its causes and consequences. In other words, it is aimed to create individual and social awareness about asthma.


Professor explaining the suggestions of 'International Asthma Guides'. Dr. Gemicioğlu said, “Patients with asthma; They should continue to use their sprays, which include cortisone, if necessary, take needle or pill forms of cortisone. In order to reduce the risk of spreading the virus to other patients and healthcare professionals, the use of devices called nebulizers that convert asthma medications into vapor form and pulmonary function testing should be avoided. As in the whole society, asthmatic patients about hygiene strategies and use of personal protective equipment; They should follow the infection control recommendations of the World Health Organization and our Ministry of Health. It should be kept in mind that excessive use of disinfectants may increase asthma complaints and care should be taken at this point. ” spoke in the form.


Referring to the symptoms and treatment of asthma. Dr. “Asthma is a chronic chronic lung disease caused by a narrowing of the airway wall due to a type of non-microbial inflammation in the lungs. Asthma is manifested by symptoms such as recurrent and shortness of breath, wheezing / wheezing / whistling sound that occurs while breathing in, chest pressure and cough. There are approximately 335 million asthma patients in the world and approximately 4 million in our country. The incidence of asthma has been steadily increasing over the years. The purpose of asthma treatment is to control the disease. With appropriate drug treatment, asthma symptoms can be controlled. Treatment of asthma is carried out according to the recommendations of some guides prepared by national and international experts. Guides were updated in 2019. The most important innovation in the international and national asthma guide is that the breath-taking drugs are no longer used alone in the treatment of asthma, but the main therapeutic drug is to be taken together with inhaler cortisone. ” he spoke.


Professor Dr. Gemicioğlu completed his words as follows:

“As in the world, there are all kinds of medicines and materials necessary for the treatment of this disease in our country. With appropriate drug therapy, asthmatics can continue their daily lives, including work and school, without any restrictions due to illness. Most of the asthma medicines are medicines used by inhalation (inhalation), and they create the desired therapeutic effect directly in the airways with less side effects. They are given with special devices. The way of using these special devices should be demonstrated to patients when starting treatment. ”


Providing information about the risks waiting for the patient with asthma, Assoc. Dr. Ömür Aydın said, “One of the goals of asthma treatment is the prevention of future risks, which is meant to prevent asthma attacks and respiratory function losses. As it is known, asthma disease progresses with attacks. Facing triggering factors such as cigarette smoke, bleach, allergens, viral infections, stress and / or incompatibility of the patient to the treatment given are the main causes of these attacks. Most asthma attacks can be successfully managed with rapid diagnosis and appropriate treatment. However, attacks can be fatal in patients with asthma who have frequent and severe attacks, frequent emergency cases due to the attack and a history of hospital / intensive care hospitalization. Therefore, it is important to prevent attacks before they occur. Proper treatment of asthma will bring about disease control, prevention of attacks, and this will prevent deaths related to asthma. Another consequence of asthma attacks is that the patient has small losses in respiratory function after each attack, which will be reflected in patients in the long term as increased shortness of breath. For all these reasons, asthmatic patients should be protected from attacks and attempts should be made to prevent both triggers and treatment incompatibility. ” found in the description.


Speaking about how to monitor asthma, Assoc. Dr. Aydın said, “Asthma, like all other chronic diseases, requires regular physician control. These controls ensure the control of the disease, preventing attacks, maintaining the treatment properly and protecting patients from the side effects of the drugs. The written action plan to be given to patients will be beneficial to physicians and patients in this regard. As a result, asthma is a disease that can be controlled by treatment. Determining the factors that increase asthma, ensuring protection from these factors and maintaining treatment under regular follow-up is important in maintaining this control. It has been shown that patients' use of their medication as prescribed by their doctor, quitting smoking and losing weight of obese patients, eating a healthy and balanced diet, exercising regularly, keeping the breathing ambient air clean facilitates asthma control. Patients with asthma can continue their lives as if they were asthma-free without feeling complaints such as shortness of breath, wheezing and cough, and without restricting their activities. Using his expressions, he continued his words as follows:

'' Ministry of Health, the Turkish Thoracic Society and Turkey as part of National Allergy and Clinical Immunology Society designated the first Tuesday of May in prepared with this press release and the previous year with the cooperation only after 5 agreed in May World Asthma Day activities, asthma We wanted to give information about. Ministry of Health and the Turkish Thoracic Society and Turkey as the National Allergy and Clinical Immunology Society, GARD in Turkey frame, all physicians, public authorities, national organizations and national and invite local media together to work ''.

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