Who is Exempted in Curfew?

who are included in the curfew ban
who are included in the curfew ban

📩 26/03/2022 00:00

From the moment of the coronavirus outbreak, the recommendations of the Ministry of Health and the Scientific Committee, in line with the instructions of our President; Many precautionary decisions were made in order to manage the risk of the epidemic / contamination in terms of public health and public order, to ensure social isolation, to maintain social distance and to control the rate of spread.
In order to move the effects of the measures taken on the spread rate of the contamination to the highest level; The following additional measures must be taken by the provincial governors in accordance with the 30 / C article of the Provincial Administration Law and the 11th and 27nd articles of the General Sanitary Law, including 72 provinces with metropolitan status and the province of Zonguldak.
In this context, 
  1. 17.04.2020 cities (Adana, Ankara, Antalya, Aydın, Balıkesir, Bursa, Denizli, Diyarbakır, Erzurum, Eskişehir, Gaziantep) between the dates of 24.00, 19.04.2020 and 24.00, 30 (weekend), with the exception of the following: All citizens in the provincial borders of Zonguldak and Hatay, Istanbul, Izmir, Kahramanmaras, Kayseri, Kocaeli, Konya, Malatya, Manisa, Mardin, Mersin, Mugla, Ordu, Sakarya, Samsun, Sanliurfa, Tekirdag, Trabzon, Van) will be forbidden. .
  2.  Açık Olcak İşyeri, Businesses and Institutions
  •  Bakery and / or bakery licensed establishments where bread production is made (Only bread and bakery products can be sold in these establishments.)
  • Workplaces that carry out activities related to the production, transportation and sales of medicines, medical devices, medical masks and disinfectants,
  •  Public and private health institutions and organizations, pharmacies, veterinary clinics and animal hospitals,
  •  Public institutions and organizations and enterprises (Airports, ports, border gates, customs, highways, nursing homes, elderly care homes, rehabilitation centers, Emergency Call Centers, AFAD Units, Vefa Social Support Units etc.) necessary for the maintenance of compulsory public services,
  •  Number of fuel stations and tire repairers to be determined by the Governorships / District Governorates, one for every 50.000 inhabitants and one for every 50 km of intercity roads and motorways crossing the provincial borders. It will be determined by drawing lots.),
  •  Large facilities and enterprises operating strategically in the natural gas, electricity, oil sector (such as refinery and petrochemical plants, thermal and natural gas conversion plants),
  • PTT, water, newspaper and kitchen tube distribution companies,
  • Animal shelters, animal farms and animal care centers,
  •  Emergency construction, equipment, etc. to increase the capacity of health services. businesses / companies carrying out the activities,
  •  Provided that the location is permitted by the Provincial / District Hygiene Board, the facilities where the basic foodstuffs such as pasta, flour, milk, meat, fish are produced and hygiene materials, especially the production of paper, cologne, and the facilities where the raw materials that will be needed for the production of these materials are produced. ,
  •  Domestic and foreign transportation (including export / import / transit passes) and logistics companies,
  • Hotels and accommodation,
  • Production facilities that provide packaging to sectors such as food, cleaning and medicine,
  • Large constructions that continue to be constructed by accommodating employees at the construction site located in the construction site (Under this article, construction and accommodation are permitted if they are within the same construction site, employees are not allowed to come from another location and those staying at the construction site are not allowed to go to another location. The study is limited only to the construction site.),
  • Newspaper, radio and television organizations and newspaper printing presses,
      3. Persons Under Exception 
  • Managers, officers or employees in the “Open Businesses, Businesses and Institutions” in the title (2) of this Circular,
  • Those who are in charge of ensuring public order and security (including private security officers),
  • Working in Emergency Call Centers, AFAD, Red Crescent and Vefa Social Support Units,
  • Those who are in charge of funeral burials (religious officials, hospital and municipal officials, etc.) and those who will attend the funerals of their first-degree relatives,
  • Electricity, water, natural gas, telecommunications etc. Those who are in charge of maintaining supply systems that should not be interrupted and eliminating their malfunctions,
  • Those who are involved in the transportation or logistics of products and / or materials (including cargo), within the scope of domestic and international transportation, storage and related activities,
  • Elderly nursing home, nursing home, rehabilitation centers, children's homes etc. employees of social protection / care centers,
  • Those with “Special Needs” such as autism, severe mental retardation and down syndrome and their parents / guardians or accompanying persons,
  • Iron-steel, glass, ferrochrome, etc. Those who work in the departments of workplaces operating in sectors that require compulsory operation such as high grade mine / ore melting furnaces and cold storage,
  • Employees of the data processing centers of institutions, organizations and enterprises, which have a widespread service network, especially banks, (with a minimum number),
  • Employees working on the production, processing, marketing and transportation of plant and animal products at risk of spoiling,
  • Grazing cattle and bovine animals, beekeepers, people who will feed stray animals and go out to meet the compulsory needs of their pets (limited to the front of their residence),
  • Veterinarians,
  • Those working in the distribution of bread,
  • Those who have mandatory health appointments (including blood and plasma donations to Kızılay),
  • Dormitory, hostel, construction site etc. those who are in charge of meeting the basic needs that those who stay in public places will need,
  • Employees at risk of leaving the workplace due to occupational health and safety (workplace doctor, etc.),
  • Technical service staff provided that they document that they are outside to provide service,
  • Within the scope of activities such as planting-planting, irrigation-spraying necessary for the continuity of agricultural production, those permitted by Provincial / District Hygiene Boards according to regional characteristics,
  • Staff working on weekend to carry out public transportation, cleaning, solid waste, water and sewerage, disinfection, fire and cemetery services of municipalities,
  • In order for the supply chain to be disrupted, effective after 19.04.2020:18.00 on Sunday, XNUMX; Those who are in charge of transportation, storage and preparation of goods, materials and products for markets and vegetable-fruit states (No goods, materials and products can be sold under this article.),

It is essential that all citizens stay in their homes, with the exceptions specified.

  • Travel permit documents (excluding those on the road) issued under the previous Circulars (excluding those given for health and funerals) will be valid as of Monday.
  • Necessary measures will be taken by the municipalities in order to ensure the public transportation of public officials who are in charge of establishing public order, especially health and safety.
  • For the regularity of bread distribution, the commission that will be formed under the chairmanship of the Governors and District Governors, with the participation of bakers' chamber, local administration, police and gendarmerie representatives, will be made provincial / district bread distribution plan by taking the opinion of the muhtar for each neighborhood, and the workplaces that produce bread in the province / district are responsible for this plan. distribution areas (neighborhood / street / street scale) and vehicle lists that will serve for each distribution region will be determined. Apart from the planning to be made in this way, only Vefa Social Support Units will be able to distribute bread.
  • Newspaper distribution will be done only through newspaper companies' own distribution vehicles that will work as a ring, to be determined drinking water distribution dealers and Vefa Social Support Units.
  • Decisions regarding the subjects within the scope of item (h) of the heading "Workplaces, Businesses and Institutions to be Open" and (2) of "Persons under Exceptions" heading number (3) of this Circular shall be decided by the Provincial / District Hygiene Boards at the latest on 16.04.2020 Thursday. will be taken until 22:00.

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