Corona Virus Regulation for Public Transportation in Samsun

Public transport corona virus arrangement in Turkey
Public transport corona virus arrangement in Turkey

Samsun Metropolitan Municipality is increasing the measures against the threat of coronavirus in order to protect the health of Samsun people. SAMULAŞ rearranged the seats of trams and buses according to the 'Social Distance' rule.

The Koronavirüs'n under the influence of the World (Covidien-19) taking all measures related to the secretion from the first day to occur in Turkey and implements Samsun Metropolitan Municipality, the public transport is increasing measures to protect public health. The municipality, which previously provided disinfection and sterilization of public transportation vehicles that were used extensively by the citizens, has now rearranged the seats in trams and buses in accordance with the 'social distance' rule.


Stating that they have taken the necessary measures in trams and buses regarding the 'Social Distance' rule, Tamgacı said, “We made their announcements from social media. We rearranged our vehicles by hanging warning letters on our seats. In addition, our veterans are constantly trying to increase the awareness of our citizens with announcements about hygiene and social distance. It is not enough no matter how sterile we make our vehicles. The most important task falls to us as a public again. We have to set the conditions for ourselves, and, as the experts point out, we need to pay close attention to the social distance. We expect our passengers to be patient and understanding and help us and our staff. We ask them not to wait in front of the door during the journey and to follow the social distance while getting off and on board. ”


Stating that there has been a decrease of 1 percent in the last 90 month in the rail system tram and buses and 30 percent in the last week, SAMULAŞ General Manager Tamgacı said, “These rates are the clearest indication of how serious the citizens take the warnings. We thank our people for their sensitivity. We comply with our government's decision to reduce passenger capacity to 50 percent in public transportation. So far, we have not exceeded 50 percent passenger capacity and we have succeeded in this. We track how many passengers are on each tram or bus every day. Accordingly, we increase or decrease the campaigns to prevent victimization. Peace of mind of our people. We have taken all kinds of measures and we will continue to take them. ”


Giving information about the coronavirus measures in trams and buses, SAMULAŞ General Manager Enver Sedat Tamgacı said that they rearranged the passenger seats within the scope of the 'Social Distance' warning. Stating that public transportation is one of the most important social areas in the fight against the virus, General Manager Tamgacı said, “We have taken all our precautions from the first moment of the virus epidemic. Our trams are cleaned in detail every time. ''


Enver Sedat Tamgacı, who noted that both the security officers and the passengers were measured by the medical team at the tram stations before going through the turnstile, said that the citizens whose fever was above normal would not be allowed to pass and be sent to the hospital by filling in the form. Tamgacı said, “For both ourselves and our loved ones, we have to follow social distance literally. We expect our people to be sensitive in this regard. Because we love our people and think of their health. We work for them 7/24. ” he spoke.

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