77 Percent of Firms Applying for Short Work Allowance Have Less than 10 Employees

The percentage of companies applying for a short-time work allowance is less than one hundred
The percentage of companies applying for a short-time work allowance is less than one hundred

📩 10/04/2020 12:02

Family, Labor and Social Services Minister Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk made evaluations regarding the agenda.

Explaining that the new type of coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic has started working to provide social services to citizens as of the outbreak, Minister Selçuk reminded that chronic patients' health reports and prescriptions that expire after 1 January and later will be valid in this process.

Minister Selçuk emphasized that the Ministry's 227 services are provided digitally and advise citizens not to go out on the streets unless it is mandatory.

On the question concerning social assistance, providing information about the aid provided so far in Selcuk, "Turkey in the 1003 social assistance and solidarity are our foundation. We send periodic shares to our foundations every month. Until last month, we were sending 135 million liras to the field. As of last month, we increased this figure to 180 million Turkish lira with our President's letter. In the coming days, we will increase this figure even more. Therefore, we continue to meet the needs of our citizens with periodic shares. ” he spoke.

“Criteria are Set for the Second Phase of the Social Support Program”

Minister Selçuk stated that they are trying to reduce the socioeconomic impact of coronavirus on citizens and their burden:

“In this sense, we have announced a social support program under the Economic Stability Shield Package. We work very hard with our Ministry of Treasury and Finance. There are 3 phases under Social Support Aid Program. In the first phase, we aimed to reach our citizens, who are in the lowest income group of our society, and reached 1 million 2 thousand households. We delivered 111 lira to these households.

By setting certain criteria again in phase 2, we are creating those criteria, and now, we will provide our citizens with an additional 1000 liras each. In this context, we aim to reach 2 million 300 thousand households. Phase 3 will be demand-based, and we continue our infrastructure studies. We want no citizens to remain intact during this process. ”

Stating that an announcement will be made on the website of the Ministry regarding the supports, Minister Selçuk asked the citizens not to respect other announcements, WhatsApp messages.

Stating that there is no need to apply for phases 1 and 2, Selçuk emphasized that phase 3 will be demand-based.

“We Will Offer Revenue Support between 1752 Liras and 4 thousand 380 Liras to Our Employees”

On the question regarding the Short-Term Work Allowance, Minister Selcuk stated that this is a program they put into operation in case any activity in the workplace stops completely or partially or is reduced by a third.

Selçuk shared the following information by stating that the average of the employees in the Short Work Allowance will be taken over the premium earning in the last 12 months and 60 percent of their gross earnings will be given:

“When we say 60 percent of this gross income, it is thought that 40 percent will remain, but it is not. This rate goes up to 75-78 percent when we hit the net. Our employee, whose average gross earnings for the last 12 months is 2943 TL, will have received up to 75% of his salary. In this period, we will be offering our employees with a wage between 1752 liras and 4 thousand 380 liras and income support. ”

Selçuk reminded that the application conditions were simplified, the number of documents requested was reduced, they reduced the number of 600 premium payment days to 450, and that they were subject to a 120-day service contract to 60 days, thus emphasizing that they enabled more employees to benefit from this support.

“We are waiting for the applications of the workplaces closed for force majeure.” Making a call, Selçuk stated that the applications were tried to be completed in the fastest way. Pointing out that this support protects both employees and employers, Selçuk reminded that there is no distinction between the sector and the number of employees in the applications.

“77 percent of our applicant firms have less than 10 employees”

Minister Selçuk said, “77% of our companies that have applied to the Short Work Allowance so far are our companies with less than 10 employees.” said.

Stating that the application process will be valid for 3 months, Selçuk pointed out that President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has the authority to extend this period when necessary.

Zehra Zümrüt Selçuk stated that strict measures were taken, measures were taken every 6 hours, and a ban on visitors was made to the question regarding the measures in nursing homes and other care institutions. Selçuk said, “Until now, we continue to take our precautions in the light of the rules set by our Ministry of Health in our nursing homes and care centers. We carry out their controls. ” used the expression.

“Even if our distances are distant, our hearts should not be distant”

Family, Labor and Social Services Minister Selcuk said the following about their advice for families:

“Staying at home also gave us the opportunity to spend more time with our families and loved ones. It also causes us to see each other more. We can also use this process to complete many jobs that we want to do but cannot complete due to the speed of the world. Let's spend more time together with our loved ones. Let's complete our unfinished works, books that we cannot read, and hobbies. I believe that our families will join each other even more in this process. ”

Selçuk says to families, “Life fits home, let's stay at home. Most importantly, life fits in the family. Let's not be half, let's stay at home. We have many digital opportunities, let's call our elders. Although our distances are far, our hearts should not be far. I hope that as long as we keep our heart distance close, our families will be interlocked more. ” gave the message.

“We Will Overcome This Process and Production Will Always Continue”

In response to the question regarding the measures taken in order not to negatively affect the working life from the process, Selçuk emphasized that their main goal is to protect and increase the employee, employer, and employment. Selçuk reminded that the short-time working allowance was increased from 2 months to 4 months, and that measures were taken with the Economic Stability Package, “Employment is very important to protect the employee. Because we will survive this process and production will always continue. Our economy will always be alive. ” found the assessment.

Underlining that they are in constant contact with relevant ministries and non-governmental organizations, especially the Ministry of Treasury and Finance, in order to eliminate the problems in the field, Selçuk said, “I always say to our employers; we will overcome this difficult process together. It is very important to protect employment. I believe that we will overcome this process by preserving employment, continuing production and income support for our citizens. ” said.

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