Thermal Camera Inspection Started at Metrobus Stations

Thermal camera inspection started at metrobus stations
Thermal camera inspection started at metrobus stations

Within the scope of the coronavirus measures, IMM has installed a thermal camera at the metrobus stations, where the number of trips is high. Passengers with high fever are directed to the nearest health institutions.

Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality added a new one to the measures taken for Coronavirus (Covid-19). After the metro stations, IMM also switched to the thermal camera system in Metrobus lines.

With the thermal cameras installed in Uzunçayır, Zincirlikuyu, Mecidiyeköy, Şirinevler and Avcılar stations, where the number of passengers is high, the fires of passengers entering these stations began to be measured.

The installed thermal camera system transfers images to the computers where security personnel work. Security personnel can instantly see the degree of fire of people passing through turnstiles.


With the thermal cameras monitored by security personnel, passengers who have been found to have a high fever are kept informed in a suitable area. Security guards call the number 112 and 184 and direct the passenger to the nearest health institution.

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