CHP Special: 'Postpone Guarantee Payments of Bridges and Highways During the Epidemic'

Postpone the warranty payments of the private bridge and highways with chp throughout the epidemic
Postpone the warranty payments of the private bridge and highways with chp throughout the epidemic

CHP Group Deputy Chairman Özgür Özel pointed out that delays were made in rent, tax, insurance premiums and credit payments for the 'coercive cause' in the new type of coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, and the public burden increased due to the decrease in bridges and highways called public private cooperation projects. He suggested that the state should postpone the guarantee payments within the scope of public private cooperation projects to companies by showing force majeure to the economy and public revenues.

In a written statement made by CHP, “Within the scope of the Public Private Cooperation (PPP) projects that the Justice and Development Party President Recep Tayyip Erdogan said 'It is made without a penny from the pocket of the citizen', the payments made from the budget were 2017 billion TL in the period of 2019-16. reached. When the appropriations allocated for 2020 are taken into account, the money that will come out of the pocket of the citizen in just 4 years will exceed TL 35 billion.

Due to curfews and travel prohibitions and the restriction of social life implemented in the fight against the coronavirus epidemic, there is a serious decrease in the use of bridges and highways, which have already been under vehicle warranty for years, which increases the amount of public payments. As a result, the bill comes out to the nation again. ”

Ozel said: “While the delays in the coronavirus epidemic are on the agenda for the reasons of force majeure, while the delays in the payments of rents, taxes, insurance premiums and loans and the companies carrying out the PPP projects are benefited from these opportunities, the payments made out of pocket for the PPP projects are made without any disruption.

The state cannot find resources to help the public, which is negatively affected by the outbreak. During this period when it was almost impossible to find funds to help the public due to the coronavirus epidemic, the State should postpone the guarantee payments under the companies for public private cooperation projects by showing force majeure to the economy and public revenues.

Postpone the receivables of roads that guarantee pass, airports that you guarantee passengers, and gangs you make with state guarantees. If you say 'stop it' to the contractors you have built the airports and the highways, the faces of 83 million will laugh. ”

Question Proposal

In the proposal directed to the Vice President Fuat Oktay, who also brought the issue to the agenda of the TGNA, the amount of the payments made within the scope of the fight against coronavirus epidemic due to the measures taken within the scope of the fight against the coronavirus epidemic in the period of 2017-2020 for the PPP projects, asked the amount of guarantee payments made in the process and the amount of the obligation undertaken by the Treasury within the scope of debt undertaking agreements for public-private cooperation projects.

What is Force Majeure?

Force majeure is death, bankruptcy, illness, detention and similar situations that may constitute an obstacle to the fulfillment of duty, commitment and responsibility in law.

The concept of 'force majeure' is one of the basic concepts of law and its application is seen in almost all branches of law.t24)



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