Test Results of 91 Covid Patients Discharged in South Korea Again Positive

Test results of the covid patient who was discharged in South Korea were positive again
Test results of the covid patient who was discharged in South Korea were positive again

South Korea's Centers for Disease Control and Prevention Centers, Jeong Eun-Kyeong, said at a press conference on Friday that the disease recurred in patients with Coronavirus (KOVID-91) who had recovered and discharged 19.

Eun-Kyeong stated that they thought that the virus did not pass through them and became “active” again, rather than the patients getting the virus again.

South Korean officials have clearly stated that they do not know why the disease is recurring and that they will conduct an investigation with epidemic scientists.

This new feature of the deadly virus, which has so far been scarce information, has threatened the herd immunity pathway, one of the decline scenarios of the disease. In epidemiology herd immunity means protecting communities from a disease from a disease through vaccination or natural immunity. In theory, if a body builds a "wall" with a vaccine or natural immunity of the body, it can prevent the disease from passing to other members of the community.

According to the data of John Hopkins University, 10,480 active COVID-19 cases were detected in South Korea. The number of deaths in the country is 211 and the number of patients discharged and discharged is 7,243.

South Korea was one of the countries with the second highest number of incidents in the first month of KOVID-19 starting from Wuhan, China, and rapidly embracing the world. South Korea was able to take control of the disease with the extraordinary quarantine applications it received quickly and the patient tracking system, now known as the world-renowned “South Korean system”.

Hibya News Agency

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