South Korea's machinists strike growing

South Korea's machinery workers strike is growing.
When the new government decides to privatize one of the lines in the railway sector, the strike by the machinists is about to fill the second week.
According to the laws of South Korea, more than 40 is not allowed to strike. Although the mechanics decided to strike, the train, train and high-speed train service until the beginning of the week was not a hitch. Due to the day and night work of mechanic who could not strike legally, the flights started on Monday. Currently, there has been a decrease of 20 in train services. According to the information given, if the strike continues next month, then the number of flights and metros of the next month will be a decrease in the number of 40.
While the government did not call back, the strike was attacked against the trade unions. Contrary to the alleged claims that the operation of the railway is not privatized government officials, only announced that a line will be privatized open. The government stated that the strike had been carried out for an unnecessary reason and claimed that the strike in question was unlawful.
As the machinists' strike continued, the judicial process began against the strikers. While the civil service levels of all the mechanics participating in the strike were canceled, the prosecutor's office stormed the machine trade unions, which decided to strike. After the raid, the 18, one of the prominent railroad workers, was detained by the police.



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