Dismissal Is Banned For 3 Months ..! Free Permit 39.24 TL Pay Per Day

Monthly lira payment of free leave
Monthly lira payment of free leave

AKP brings a new bag of legislation to Parliament within the scope of corona virus measures. According to the draft law reached by SÖZCÜ, layoffs will be banned for 3 months. The employer will be able to leave employees for unpaid leave and pay 39.24 liras per day. Here are the prominent articles in the law proposal…

SözcüAccording to the report of İsmail Şahin; “Within the scope of Corona virus, AKP, which introduced new legal arrangements with the Law Proposal for the Amendment of Some Laws on March 25, prepared another package.

Temporary employment security is brought with the new 62-item bill proposal. With the temporary article to be added to the Labor Law, the termination of all kinds of workers' contracts by the employer for three months will be prohibited.

The President will be authorized to extend the termination prohibition period up to six months. Throughout the prohibition of termination, the employer will be able to leave the worker on unpaid leave.

During this period, employees will receive 39,24 pounds of cash wage support per day from the Unemployment Insurance Fund.

If the employer employs the worker he has issued for unpaid leave, the penalty 4 times the foreseen fine will be applied.


From now on, the sale of immovable properties owned by the Treasury, leasing, tramping, construction for land or floor construction, and the establishment of easement right, and the lease and usage permit of the places under the state and disposal of the State can be tendered electronically by the Ministry of Environment and Urbanization.

The Ministry will prepare a regulation for this. The Minister of Environment and Urbanization will make the decisions regarding the fees to be paid under the contract regarding the Treasury immovables and the fees to be paid during the continuation of the force majeure condition, deferment, discounts, installments, no interest related to them or the application of interest lower than the current interest rate.


A large number of articles are added to the Municipal Law with regulation.

To the President of the municipality and its affiliates; Income tax withholding, authorization to postpone all social insurance premium payments, receivables due to electricity debt and water consumption until necessary, without delay interest or hike.

In municipalities, real and legal persons working by obtaining permission or license or renting a line will be able to pay income support by the council decision.


Address notification can also be made on e-government.

Debit cards and credit cards will be available on the internet.

Since the education and training is interrupted, the permit rights of the teachers will be reorganized in order to continue the education or make compensation education during the summer holidays. Guidance teachers will also be able to be assigned during the summer holidays.

increase in interest education loan debt henceforth Turkey Statistical Institute domestic producers will be calculated by applying the increase in the price index.


A new regulation is introduced in order not to reduce the company's resources by distributing cash profits, to protect the existing equity structures of the companies and to avoid the need for additional financing.

Accordingly, “the amount of cash dividends that capital companies can distribute until December 31, 2020 will not exceed 2019 percent of the net profit of 25, and the general board will not be authorized to distribute dividend advances.


It is changed in the current regulation on the payment relationships between retail companies and manufacturers and suppliers.

Accordingly, in cases where the borrower is a large-scale business, the rule of payment should not exceed 30 days for meat and dairy products, as well as fast consumption goods, which can deteriorate within 30 days from the date of production, and the rule of the buyer to be on a small scale during the 30-day payment period is lifted.

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