Hygiene Mobilization Against Coronavirus Starts in Gaziantep

hygiene mobilization against coronavirus started in gaziantep
hygiene mobilization against coronavirus started in gaziantep

Hygiene mobilization was initiated in all units of Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality in order to prevent possible health problems.

Accelerating precautionary cleaning activities to take precautions against the Corona Virus (COVID-19) epidemic, which has a wide impact on the world agenda, Metropolitan Municipality disinfects all units and service buildings in order to protect the health of the public and personnel. In the spraying, products that are not licensed by the Ministry of Health and approved by the World Health Organization (WHO) are used.

Health measures have been increased against Corona Virus, which is increasing its impact globally, both as a country and as a city. In this context, the metropolitan, which takes responsibility for the citizens, focused on the cleaning of the service buildings in the municipality with 250 teams of 25 people.


Zeugma Museum is located between the resort centers of tourists and citizens, Zeugma Café Store, Zeugma cinevision Gaziantep Arts Center and Happy While prioritizing the cleaning work in the cafe also disinfects the work of great importance attributed abled Life Center and centers its service vehicles as the center of treatment of the obstacles to Turkey is also done regularly.

On the other hand, disinfecting work, which was initiated to highlight the hygiene cleaning of Gaziantep Ecological Building and to ensure the health of the visitors, continues, drawing attention with the works carried out within the scope of the "Smart Eco City" project. In addition, with the aim of preventing the epidemic from spreading to the city, the institutions affiliated to the Gaziantep Metropolitan Municipality Lifelong Learning Center (GASMEK) located in the city, Gaziantep Water and Sewerage Administration (GASKİ) centers and districts are planned by teams in all buildings, children's libraries and book cafes. .

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