A mask with a visor was distributed to the driver tradesmen in the army

a mask with a shield was distributed to the shopkeepers in the army
a mask with a shield was distributed to the shopkeepers in the army

Ordu Metropolitan Municipality, which carries out its activities meticulously throughout the province due to the epidemic, keeps its precautions at the highest level in all areas.

In this context, the Metropolitan Municipality has taken a series of measures for the public transportation vehicles used by the citizens. According to the circular recently issued by the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the limitation in the number of passengers in public transportation and changes in the seating arrangement were put into effect by the Metropolitan Municipality throughout the province. Now, 6 shielded masks have been distributed for the drivers who are at risk by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality.


Expressing that 6 thousand shields are distributed to public transport drivers, Ordu Metropolitan Municipality General Secretary Coşkun Alp said, “Our struggle with Corona Virus continues throughout the province as well as throughout the country. We continue the measures we take in every area in public transportation vehicles. Our drivers who use public transportation, where our citizens are concentrated, are at risk. Considering all these, we have distributed 6 thousand shields to our drivers. These masks were produced entirely by our ORYAZ company, a subsidiary of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality. These masks are visors with a protective feature suitable for use by everyone. We carried out such a study with the idea that our drivers will carry our citizens more comfortably. ”


Stating that the driver tradesmen will work more comfortably in line with the measures taken, the Chairs of the Drivers Room said, “These masks produced by Ordu Metropolitan Municipality were distributed to all our tradesmen in Ordu. Our drivers will be able to work more comfortably in line with the measures taken. Mayor of Ordu Metropolitan Municipality for these masks distributed by thinking the health of our driver trades. We thank Mehmet Hilmi Güler and everyone who contributed. ”

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