ISD Logistics Increased Intermodal Shipments 5 Times!

ISD logistics increased its intermodal transportation
ISD logistics increased its intermodal transportation

The slowdown experienced at border crossings, customs and transit country crossings due to the coronavirus outbreak (Covid-19) also affected international road transport. Offering logistics services in European countries and Turkey ISD Logistics intermodal transport in this process by increasing five-fold, exporters to Europe delivers rail-road combination.

The Coronavirus (Covid-19) epidemic, which influenced the whole world, also negatively affected international trade. Many European countries imposed quarantine on drivers crossing their borders. Logistics companies that want to carry on their transportation operations smoothly have also focused on intermodal transportation types.

Offering logistics services in European countries and Turkey ISD Logistics, reducing road transport carried out intensively ahead of the coronavirus outbreak in half in the process, increasing intermodal transport the 5th floor.

Trade Shouldn't be Hitched

Noting that it is even more important that trade is not interrupted during this period, CEO of ISD Logistics Korkut Koray Yalça said, “Especially the chemical products, which are the raw materials of food products and cleaning / hygiene products, should reach the place on time. However, the quarantine of drivers at the border gates for 14 days is slowing their road transport. ” he spoke.

Reaching Europe With Intermodal

Stating that the intermodal consists of 5 of its total transportations, Yalça said, “We reach Europe by rail and work with local drivers in the country where the delivery will be made. In this way, trade does not hinder. ” used expressions. Stating that delivery times have become more important in this period, Yalça stated that they can provide more predictable deadlines due to the nature of intermodal transportation.

Stating that they, as ISD Logistics, have taken all precautions within the scope of Coronavirus, Yalça added that they are able to carry out all operations in a healthy manner with both local drivers and management teams they work with.

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