Workers Working in Diyarbakır Mardin Mazıdağı Railway Construction in Action

diyarbakir mardin mazidagi workers working on railway construction
diyarbakir mardin mazidagi workers working on railway construction

The workers working in the railway construction of the Eti Copper Factory of Cengiz Holding in Mardin were not taken to the factory one day after they quit jobs. Workers then started the sit-in.

UniversalAccording to the news in; “Eti Bakır Metal Back, owned by Cengiz Holding in Mazıdağı district of Mardin KazanWorkers working in the construction of the Diyarbakır-Mardin-Mazidağı Railway of the IM and Integrated Fertilizer Factory left their jobs yesterday to demand that their working conditions be improved during the coronavirus epidemic. Using the situation in question as a reason, the factory management did not let 128 workers who went to the factory this morning. Thereupon, the workers decided to start a sit-in in front of the factory.

The workers, who stated that they were kept in the factory during the coronavirus (Kovid-19) epidemic period and during the curfew, stated that they continued to work during their stay in the factory. The workers said that their working conditions were further aggravated and they demanded that the conditions be corrected.


The workers, who noted that with the onset of the outbreak, asked the factory management not to go to their homes, said, “They asked us to stay at the factory for 15 days. We accepted. 15 days have ended. We wanted to go home, they didn't let me. They wanted us to stay here until the feast. We normally work 12 hours. They increased this to 14 hours. We wanted to reduce working hours. We asked for action. We asked for our wages to be corrected. ”


The workers, who stated that other personnel came and went from outside, although they were not allowed to go to their homes, said, “In this case, they do not take any measures. They don't let us go to our homes, but they bring people from outside and let us in. Workers working in other parts of the factory go to their homes. Then they put these workers among us without any control. But we cannot go to our home. There is no precaution. The mask is given one. We use it for a month. Normally it is a daily mask, but we work for a month ”.


Pointing out that it is forbidden to leave workers for 3 months in the government's statement, the workers said, “It is forbidden to lay off workers, but they actually gave us our exit. We cannot enter the construction site right now. We expect 128 workers in front of the factory. We are doing a sitting action. We will wait after that. ”

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