Coronavirus Outbreak Has Badly Affected BURULAŞ

The coronavirus epidemic has hit public transport systems as well as human life
The coronavirus epidemic has hit public transport systems as well as human life

The coronavirus epidemic, which turned the earth into an open air prison, affected local governments' public transportation systems as well as human life.

Yesterday Bursa GreatşCity Municipality subsidiary a twistedŞ'of general manager

Mehmet Kurşat ÇappearWe called.

We touched Çapar and heard a thousand ah.

As soon as he says how it goes, "Do not go" We got the answer.

Indeed, there is a 90 percent drop in passenger numbers.

Çapar explained this situation as follows:
 “The system does not stop, the passenger is close to 90 percentın decreasedı. Our income decreased at this rateı. But it goes awayı. Train çalheatyor, staff salaryşhomeı öIt said. Aylinık 11 million poundsıstaff salaryş we have expense. including tax, SSI premiumsğprovince. Aylinık most çok around 10 million poundsıa turnover in öngörüWe yr."

From the moment of the first incident, with the number of passengers falling  T1 ve T3 they stopped the flights on the tram lines, Yeniceabat campus, Görükle Campus Noting that they closed only the lines where students were like, Capar said that they went to a reduction in voyages on some other lines. also Bursarayflights at night 21.30He stated that they cut from the beginning.

İIstanbul'time reduction alsoöPosting be?

Bursa'Stating that he appreciated the measures taken by the national press, General Manager Çapar continued as follows.
"We şEven now our old trips yüper cent'We continue the. This rate was 75 percent last week. This decision in BursaımıSecret to peopleınıfind nşmoreıa preventive contribution toıWe have also been İIstanbul couldn't do this, and the tripsüper cent'eat dcoldrdü, thereforeısıwith İIstanbul'also coronavirüs epidemicını aldı yürüdü."

“We are not left with the Mecalı Savaşeven worse"

Noting that the epidemic put themselves in a difficult position as a company

BURULAŞ General Manager Çapar also said:

“We don't have our mausoleumı. The Public Bus wants support, man boş going boş is coming, says the shopkeepers in Terminal do not pay rent. a twistedS'a disaster scenario summer pattern, warş three ofktı freewayüYou say it's stopped. But this başka one şOh. Both the activity continues and there are no passengers. ŞAs a company we alsoısmi çalbusinessyeast müWe made an appeal. Try to get support for a third of the staffheatWe y. "

Explaining that they are trying to save, General Manager Çapar added:

“End the expeditions early and try to save dieselheatWe yr. AylinıOur k expense is 64 million liras. Save moneyşif you givebasedown to 54 million poundsşer. Aylinık 54 million pounds income, 10 million pounds dbasetü. There is a disastrous difference. Bus as of Fridayüy in süzde 24, y on trainsüThere were 25 times offı. This rateı yüper cent'Lere three ofCardinalık. 20 years oldşPassengers dropped when the lines were cutı."

310 thousand young people cardı blocked

Due to coronavirus outbreak To 65ş üstü ve To 20ş altı when our citizens are forbidden to go out, a twistedŞ It was affected. a twistedŞ the effect is that young people under the age of 20 cannot use public transport.

General Manager Çapar Bursa'in 310 bin Young people under 20 these cardstemporarily bloke He emphasized that this has led to a decrease in passenger numbers approaching 90 percent.

On weekdays, when the virus first appeared 11 March daily before 831 bin 179 carrying passengers a twistedŞof these figures after the virus 271 bin 784to viruses on Saturdays before 756 thousand 275 kişnumber of passengers carrying company 227 bin 5'to; pre-virus markets 508 bin 41 carrying passengers a twistedŞthis figure in 125 bin 565back to.

Decrease in the number of passengers on weekdays percent 86.85It went down to. (İhsan Aydın /Olay)

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