Disinfection Tunnel Commenced In Alanya

Alanya disinfection tunnel was put into service
Alanya disinfection tunnel was put into service

While measures are being taken to reduce the impact and spread rate of the New Type Coronavirus epidemic, which is spreading all over the world, Alanya Municipality has put into service its own disinfection tunnel for the safety of citizens.

Alanya Municipality added a new one to the measures taken against the COVID-19 (New Type Coronavirus) epidemic, which has an effect all over the world. As a result of the work of Alanya Municipality, a disinfection tunnel was placed in front of the Atatürk Monument in the Government Square. The tunnel, which works with the fogging method and is an important tool in the disinfection of the people from top to toe, was opened with the first passage of Alanya Mayor Adem Murat Yücel.


The disinfection tunnel, which provides disinfection of 1 people in 12 minute, will eliminate the viruses and bacteria hanging on the road or after work of our citizens who have to go out on the streets with disinfection method. The established disinfection tunnel will always be available for use during the day.


The person who wants to enter the tunnel first goes through the disinfectant at the entrance and then through the disinfected mat, and the fogging mechanism is activated automatically by sensor detection. In disinfection with fogging method, disinfectant liquid coming from the nozzles turns into a cloud of fog and reaches microorganisms in all areas where the fog touches without wetting the person. Disinfection tunnel was made by Alanya Municipality Environmental Protection and Control Department by providing 1 motor, 14 nozzles, 1 sensor, 1 disinfectant tank, 1 water treatment device and 1 photocell hand disinfectant machine.

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