All of the mass transportation in Sakarya is disinfected.
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All Public Transport is Disinfected 7/24 in Sakarya

Metropolitan Municipality has been on the lookout against the coronavirus, which has affected the whole world. All the public transportation vehicles in the city are disinfected with products that are approved for hygiene, and the police teams carry out inspections at the workplaces. [more…]

fear of coronavirus increased bursa traffic
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Fear of Coronavirus Increased Bursa Traffic!

Civil Engineer M. Tözün Bingöl, who we care about his observations, comments and warnings about Bursa transportation and share them in these columns, says: “With the coronavirus panic, travel by public transportation vehicles has decreased. Especially in Bursaray during peak hours. [more…]

bursa city hospital metro how mudanya road affects passage traffic
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How Does Bursaray City Hospital Line Affect Mudanya Road-Crossing Traffic?

Its construction was undertaken by the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure with the decision of the Presidency. The Metropolitan Municipality, which prepared the project, aims to make the tender "even if it is with a trace fee of 1 lira" this year and to start like a quarry. There is no doubt that the extension of Bursaray will ease the transportation to the City Hospital. But, [more…]