All of the mass transportation in Sakarya is disinfected.
54 Sakarya

All Public Transport is Disinfected 7/24 in Sakarya

The Metropolitan Municipality has been on alert for the fight against the coronavirus, which affects the whole world. All of the public transportation vehicles in the city are disinfected with products approved for hygiene, police teams carry out inspections of workplaces. In the statement made, the Ministry of Health of the citizens [more…]

a parking garage with parking for the hospital area
54 Sakarya

600 Vehicle Parking Garage Arrives in Hospital Area

Explaining that the multi-storey car park project to be built for the parking problem in the hospital area is about to be completed, President Ekrem Yüce said, “We will eliminate the parking problem in the region with the multi-storey car park with a capacity of approximately 600 vehicles. Good luck. ” [more…]

fear of coronavirus increased bursa traffic
16 Bursa

Fear of Coronavirus Increased Bursa Traffic!

Civil Engineer M. Tözün Bingöl, whose observations, comments and warnings about Bursa transportation are important and shared from these columns, says: “With the coronavirus panic, the journey by public transportation has decreased. Especially a big decrease in the number of passengers in Bursaray during peak hours [more…]

bursa city hospital metro how mudanya road affects passage traffic
16 Bursa

How Does Bursaray City Hospital Line Affect Mudanya Road-Crossing Traffic?

The construction… The Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure undertook the decision of the Presidency. The Metropolitan Municipality, which prepared the project, aims to make the tender "even if it costs 1 lira" this year and to start like a quarry. There is no doubt… Extending Bursaray will ease transportation to the City Hospital. However, the line continuing on the Mudanya Road and passing through the Pass [more…]

Flights to European country stopped due to virus
06 Ankara

Flights to 9 European Countries Stopped Due to Virus

Minister Turhan announced that flights to Germany, France, Spain, Norway, Denmark, Belgium, Austria, Sweden and the Netherlands will be stopped from 08.00:17 tomorrow morning until XNUMX April. Mehmet Cahit Turan, Minister of Transport and Infrastructure, at the Bilkent Campus of the Ministry of Health, [more…]