How to Get a Travel Permit? Is a Travel Permit Certificate obtained through e-Government?

How to get a travel permit document?
How to get a travel permit document?

How to Get a Travel Permit? Obtaining a Travel Permit Certificate via E-Government? Requirements for Getting a Travel Permit? Who can get the Travel Permit Document?

President Recep Tayyip Erdogan made the statement “Intercity travels are subject to the permission of the governorships” regarding the intercity travel permits. According to the circular on the website of the Ministry of Interior; Intercity bus travel will not be possible except citizens who have the conditions deemed appropriate by the governorships. Citizens who have died in first degree relatives or have serious illness and citizens who have no place to stay, especially in the last fifteen days, can apply to the governorships or district governorships to obtain a travel permit.

 In addition, those who certify their involvement in the production and supply processes from the relevant professional chambers, and those who are senior public officials and public service providers will not have travel restrictions.


Citizens who are obliged to travel between cities will apply to the Travel Permit Board, which will be established under the coordination of governors and district governors, and request a travel document. For those whose request is deemed appropriate, an intercity bus travel permit document will be issued by the board, including travel route and duration. The bus expedition planning will be made by the Travel Permit Board and the relevant people will be informed.

The Travel Permission Board will list the list of citizens who will travel by bus, their phones, and the passenger lists, whose addresses are indicated in their destination, to the governorship in the city to be visited. The buses that are allowed to travel can only stop at the provincial bus terminals on the travel routes and they can take the passengers who are allowed to travel by the governorships of the provinces where they stop in case there is a gap in their capacity. Bus companies' shuttle services will be banned.


Presidential Digital Transformation Office has announced that the Travel Permit Document can be obtained from e-Government from now on. In a statement made on his Twitter account, “Our citizens who will travel within the scope of coronavirus measures are no longer required to go to district governorships. Travel Permit applications are at the e-Government portal.

Application Process 

  1. Apply via e-Government Gateway
  2. Your application will be forwarded to the Travel Permit Board and will be evaluated by the Board.
  3. After the evaluation made by the Travel Permit Board, the applicants will be notified via SMS as "Your application has been accepted" or your application has been rejected.
  4. Citizens whose applications are accepted will be accepted at the Application Desks created at the bus terminals or airports, after they are verified with their TR ID number.


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