arus attended the next meeting
06 Ankara

ARUS Attended AKİP Meeting

Anatolian Clusters Cooperation Platform (AKİP) 6th Coordination and Executive Board Meeting was hosted by Gaziantep Chamber of Industry. Supporting regional clusters and cluster initiatives, inter-cluster [more…]

busworld busbus fair at the bus fair
34 Istanbul

Kocaeli Wind at Busworld Bus Fair

Kocaeli Metropolitan Municipality participated in the Bus Industry and Sub-Industry International Specialized Fair (Busworld International) held in Istanbul. Head of Transportation Department Ahmet Çelebi attended the program on behalf of the Metropolitan Municipality. [more…]

How to protect from coronavirus

How to Protect From Coronavirus?

To date, there is no drug shown to be effective against coronaviruses. For this reason, patients are given treatments that will reduce their complaints and support impaired organ functions, if any. Last 14 days in our country [more…]