MOTAŞ Takes Social Distance Measures in Public Transport Vehicles

motas took social distance measures in public transport vehicles
motas took social distance measures in public transport vehicles

Malatya Metropolitan Municipality took new measures against Corona Virus. While social distance measures are taken in public transportation vehicles, fire measurements are made for passengers coming to MAŞTİ.

The Metropolitan Municipality, which was vigilant throughout the city, took social distance measures in public transportation vehicles belonging to MOTAŞ. The Metropolitan Municipality, which widened the distance by reducing the number of seats, also increased the number of trips within the scope of the measures. The application, which aims to reduce human density, is appreciated by its citizens using public transport. kazanwas.

Metropolitan Municipality continues to provide the use of citizens by placing disinfected boxes in public transportation and stops.

Measuring the fever of citizens at the entrances of MAŞTİ Bus Terminal, Metropolitan Municipality tries to ensure that people can travel healthier. The application continues to be made to the Metropolitan Municipality at all workplaces.

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