Benefits and Losses of Electronic Cigarette

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Electronic cigarette has become very popular now. On the street, at home, in the cafe, in the hands of everyone electronic cigarette we started to see. This device does less harm to the human body than normal cigarettes. Most people turn to electronic cigarettes to quit smoking. Most people try to keep up with the new trend called vaping. Electronic cigarette, smokeless cigarettes are also known as e-cigarette names. It is another way of consuming nicotine in tobacco and is said to be less harmful than other methods. Even if electronic cigarettes contain nicotine, it does not contain more harmful substances such as tar in cigarettes. Electronic cigarettes are similar to normal cigarettes because they contain nicotine and smoke is inhaled. Today, electronic cigarettes can appear in different shapes and models. Today, there are many types of electronic cigarettes in different colors, models and thicknesses.

Benefits of Electronic Cigarette

  • Harmful substances in electronic cigarettes are much less than normal cigarettes. According to a study, the amount of toxic substances contained in electronic cigarettes is 95% less than normal cigarettes.
  • There are different flavor alternatives in electronic cigarettes. You can easily choose the alternatives that suit your taste.
  • There is no burning in electronic cigarette. For this reason, other harmful gases are not emitted, especially carbon monoxide.
  • Given the ever-increasing prices, it is known to be more economical than regular cigarettes.
  • In terms of psychology, it prevents your normal smoking desire. Meets hand and lip addiction.
  • Since there is no fire burning, there is no risk of fire.
  • It can be said that it has a stylish design because it can be carried in a pocket and is useful.
  • It does not cause yellowing of teeth or aging of your skin like normal cigarettes.
  • You can make steam shows with electronic cigarettes.

The Harm of Electronic Cigarette

  • If you do not use it in accordance with the instructions for use, you may encounter some negativities.
  • When you do not clean the coil and cotton in the device properly, the desired smoke is not obtained.
  • Nicotine enters the body with an electronic cigarette.
  • Liquid If it is used too much, it may show side effects. For this reason, it is useful to use it in its dosage.
  • It may cause some harm to your body due to its unconscious use and taking too much nicotine.
  • When you start using electronic cigarette with high nicotine, some harm in your body occurs instantly.
  • In cases such as using non-original products and not charging the battery properly, electronic cigarettes may explode. In order not to face such situations, original products should be used.

Electronic cigarette also liquid feature. For this reason, you can consume your electronic cigarette in any flavor. Mint, strawberry, peach, tobacco and many more liquid option is available. It is very important to choose the appropriate liquid for your palate. This happens by trial and error. You can start with the most appropriate aroma to your mouth taste.

In electronic cigarettes, the liquid is loaded into the tank and thanks to the heaters here, the liquid is converted to steam. In this way, they absorb this smoke.

It is very important to purchase the originals of the liquids. Because non-original liquids harm human health and the environment. The amount of nicotine in the liquid varies on demand. For example, a person who consumes a pack of cigarettes per day can use liquids containing 6-9 mg of nicotine.

The main ingredient of liquids is glycerin. Glycerins are present in liquid in two ways. These are herbal and synthetic. You can see that the liquids are original, from the band on it, and from the bandages that show that they are opened for the first time. Original liquids are generally sold in bottles of 30 ml. Brand and expiration date are written on the labels of original liquids.

Smok Electronic Cigarette Prices

Before we give information about their prices, let's define smok electronic cigarette in a short term. People who consume cigarettes have always sought ways to quit. Electronic cigarettes were produced to aid them and to restrain users' nicotine needs. Electronic cigarettes, unlike tobacco, are purified from all poisonous substances and are products with stylish design, which only have the material to satisfy the nicotine need of human beings, which does not comfort the environment by extracting steam instead of smoke.

Smok As the prices of electronic cigarettes are used, the prices of the cigarettes, which are models, vary accordingly. Prices are available from 450 lira to 4000 lira. Price is determined according to the design and features.

Smok Electronic Cigarette Models

Companies that try to close the gap in the market with a different model every day aim to make electronic cigarettes an accessory for users with different designs.

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